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Parents and Outsourcing

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Hi Friend,

Yes, I know it’s hilarious. I’m Indian and I’m talking about outsourcing.

Funny enough, when I was at Rice, I was in a play where I played a telephone outsource center in India, as a girl named Pinky.

Regardless, I want to talk about why outsourcing is awesome. Let’s play a game.

Let’s say you and your partner are both the Co-Founders of your home.

Your kids are team members but they require a bit of… management.

Who do you have as your management team under you?

See, as co-founders, it is your job to have the vision for your family, to make sure you schedule and put the vision into motion in your calendar yearly.

After walking into over 1,000 homes, I have seen what works in families and what does not work in families.

You know what doesn’t work? When parents become martyrs and try to re-learn every single subject. When parents yell at their kids to do their homework. When parents are constantly nagging their children on project work or getting essays written. When parents are rushing their kids from one thing to another and not focusing on the values and beliefs they want their child to learn.

91% of parents that we have studied that had a tutor or an outside mentor had healthier relationships with their child than parents who were attempting to teach their child when either the child wasn’t listening or the parents weren’t sure of the subject matter.

Here’s my question. As a parent, are you required to be a chemistry teacher, US History AP teacher, and a college consultant, while being a mom, chef, house manager, wife, and everything else?

Gone are the days of motherhood = martyr. We are in the world of self-love and self-care because it is the new healthcare. Moms are taking care of themselves first and making sure that their children are managed well.

And, to be honest, that is exactly where I come into play. When moms really want to hire a team that they can outsource their kid, but still get detailed reports on progress, know that they can have a mentor by their child’s side, they hire me.

I was working with a mom named Carey. Her daughter had recently gone to a school dance, and something occurred where her best friend almost got expelled.

While I was working with her daughter on planning for the month, she began to cry. I pivoted our conversation from strategic consulting to letting her know she can lean on me.

After our meeting, I spoke with the mom to just give her some advice on how to handle the situation, to give her information on what exactly was happening, and making sure that she handled it delicately.

See, outsourcing your kids in certain aspects is almost necessary.

I was talking to a billionaire entrepreneur, a tycoon in business, and he said, “my son doesn’t even want to learn business from me.”

This is a common side effect of parenting. If you KNOW this, instead of forcing your children, learn to find mentors that can be a part of your toolbox. Trust me, I didn’t make my parents’ lives very easy either.

And, they say that some of the most unruly, stubborn children tend to be the most successful.

Your kid didn’t come with a manual. Every child is different and from what I have seen, most need a mentor by their side (at least the effective ones).

Outsourcing helps you to keep your hair on your head, and balance out the management team in your house instead of you pitting against your spouse or dealing with it all on your own.

And, we all know you aren’t sharing the real details with your friends. Too many moms play into the “perfect mom” syndrome, and then are completely isolated.

Get yourself a team Parent-CEO – because you need it if you really want to be a successful parent. Reach out and let me know – we have two slots left in our programs!

It takes a village to raise a kid,


PS – Tomorrow I am going to tell you why Dr. Shefali, who has been on Oprah four times, written books on Conscious Parenting and so much more, endorses me.

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