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Our History

Academic mentorship
is in our DNA.

College Shortcuts has a reputation and legacy that spans over 57+ years.


Thakur Das Aggarwal Primary School is Built

The journey all started here. Neha Gupta’s great, great grandfather built this school and Neha Gupta’s mother attended this school.


Gauri Datt Aggarwal Girls High School Is Built

Neha Gupta’s great, great grandfather Rameshwar Das Saraf purchases land and builds a high school where 300 girls in Rewari, India attend.


India RDS Public Girls College Is Built

Neha Gupta’s grandfather Amarnath Aggarwal builds school where 800 girls attend yearly with bachelors and masters programs.


USA Employment Opportunities Created

USA Employment opportunities help to bring teachers from overseas to work in underserved communities in the United States by Neha Gupta’s mother and father.


College Shortcuts Launched

With a new generation comes new challenges and opportunities. Neha Gupta launches College Shortcuts in Houston, Texas with a team of four.


Online Courses Launched

College Shortcuts creates six online courses on college admissions and thousands sign up worldwide.


Kenyan School Built

College Shortcuts builds a school in Kenya called the "Gupta School of Dreams" and donated over $18,000 towards educational efforts in the area.


TEDx Speech Makes Waves

College Shortcuts founder Neha Gupta lands a spot on the TedX stage for her award-winning speech, “Is Achievement Killing Us?”


Female Empowerment Initiative Funded

College Shortcuts donated over $50,000 towards Virgin Unite on educational and female empowerment initiatives.


Launch Virtual Summer Camps

To help give back to stranded students unable to access classrooms, College Shortcuts launched 8 virtual camps to help students during Covid-19 to connect and learn internships and skills.


Modernization Project Completed

College Shortcuts modernizes and updates it's entire set of service offerings to reflect the changing needs of children and parents in a post Covid-19 environment.


College Shortcuts Goes Exclusive

College Shortcuts will only be working with 100 students each year. Our founder wants to give more attention to a smaller group of students. Our vision is to impact and focus on the top 100 students in our program. We have developed specific enrollment and program dates to better deliver our services.


Parents and students love College Shortcuts!

I was able to achieve the necessary grades in high school along with high ACT/SAT scores to attend my top college choice. Not only is she professional but caring and always available for consultation. Her method of coaching cannot be described as anything less than amazing.


Student @ University of Texas

Neha made my entire college process easy and quick. I was able to create essays and a resume that stood out way beyond my peers. Mine essays were much deep in content and more compelling. I got into my number one choice!


Student @ University of Texas

I feel like I can breathe easier. The College Shortcuts program helped me to get so much done in less than 4 weeks. I was able to apply to my top college by working on essays and the resume portion in such a quick time compared to my peers.


Student @ University of Florida

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