Our team

Our team of highly sought after college admissions experts and academic advisors come from a variety of backgrounds and specialties.

Our Team

Neha Gupta

Head Nerd & CEO of College Shortcuts

When I was 16 years old, my parents told me that education was my golden ticket.

My parents were from India. My dad went to IIT-Delhi which is harder to get into than Harvard, and my mom had two degrees from a small town in India. They were clueless about the college admissions process here, so they thought that the perfect GPA and SAT/ACT score would guarantee a spot at a top school.

Being a top student at my private high school that they invested so much in, I still didn't get the dedicated time I needed with my guidance counselor. I was stressed and my parents didn't have the right information or connections based on what it really took to get into a top school.

Because English wasn't their first language and they didn't go to school here, they felt they were always behind the ball compared to other families who had legacy or went to college here.

I realized that in order to get in, I had to stand out, take leadership positions, package and pitch myself right, and put myself out there. Without much of my parents' help, I was able to figure out what it really took to open doors at universities and get over $120,000 in scholarships across my ten school list.

I have been in your shoes.

My experience and the last 15 years of now running College Shortcuts taught me that the most important aspect of admissions outside of grades and scores is about the unique angle, the passion, and the personality and packaging needed to stand out among the sea of South Asian students applying for competitive majors at the top 25 schools.

My purpose is not only to help families like me go from confusion to confidence in navigating the admissions process, but to help you create the strongest application in this crazy frenzy called college admissions.

Neha Gupta's Accomplishments

  • Three-Time Best Selling Author

  • TEDx Speaker

  • Founder of College Shortcuts

  • Rice University Graduate

  • Featured as an education expert for ABC, NBC, CBS, and featured on TV, podcasts, radio, and much more for her expertise in the admissions process. Endorsed by Dr. Shefali, the leading parent expert featured on OPRAH

  • Attended Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within, Business Mastery, Life Mastery and Date with Destiny

  • Top Coach at Tony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit

  • NLP Certified

  • Richard Branson Minority Female Education Expert at Necker Island Visit

  • Member of Entrepreneur Organization

  • IECA Certified

  • Attended Adyashanti Silent Meditation Retreat

  • Joe Dispenza Meditation Retreat

  • Built School with World Teacher Aid in Kenya

  • Helped Thousands of Competitive Teens Get Into Their Dream School

Enrollment Team

Our enrollment team interviews every family to ensure they are a good fit for College Shortcuts.


Enrollment Director


Enrollment Director


Enrollment Director

Consultants And Academic Experts

Our team of highly sought after college admissions experts and academic advisors come from a variety of backgrounds and specialties. We take great care to pair each family with someone from our team who can best fit their immediate and long-term needs.

Relatable Consultants

With First-Hand Experience

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College Admissions Experts

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Bios of Our Consultants at
College Shortcuts

Bio 1

Our consultant is a STEM support and education administration professional seeking to mentor, build character values in, and cultivate tomorrow's leaders in the context of comprehensive academic, practical, and character education. He's a graduate of Baylor College of Medicine. He has 15+ years of STEM experience and 8 years of experience of higher education support in an administrative and project management capacity.

Bio 2

Our consultant is an expert consultant at College Shortcuts at helping students achieve their dreams in high school and college admissions, having been accepted to Yale University. She knows what it takes from her own experience navigating competitive admissions processes! She has a personality that is pleasing and relatable to students to help motivate them and drive them towards their goals, just as she is driven toward gender equity. She will use her own experience with the admissions process and as a student leader to unlock your child's full potential while working and guiding them throughout this process. She will support students in realizing, experiencing, and expressing their true passions. She understands that teenage years are a vulnerable time, a time of self-discovery and a time of exploration. She's an expert in helping students with standing out in the admissions process.

Bio 3

Our consultant was a college administrator working in Student Services, Admissions, and retention for over 30 years at three private colleges. Now at College Shortcuts, he helps students achieve their dreams in getting into their top choices.

Bio 4

A recent college grad with a degree in Public Policy and Administration. She has been working with college recruitment and admissions for 4 years. She's gotten 100% solid reviews from students and manages them effectively year after year.

Bio 5

An essay writing consultant following my graduation from Yale in 2013, I am a visual artist and filmmaker in addition to being a writer and editor: my aim is to foster creative vitality, therapeutic introspection, and linguistic dexterity in students as they develop their branding and distill their sense of self at a pivotal point in their emotional development.

Bio 6

A consultant from UCLA, who is majoring in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics. Having personally worked with College Shortcuts during her undergraduate admissions process, she is passionate about helping students attend their dream schools and achieve their goals. In her free time, she enjoys reading, playing the piano, swimming, and spending time with family.

Bio 7

As an experienced higher ed professional, she is looking forward to helping students craft their admissions essays and decide where to apply to college. With a BA in Journalism and MBA in Marketing, helping students find their writing strengths and confidently "sell" themselves is her speciality.

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