Unlock Your Student's Full Potential with College Shortcuts' Exclusive One-on-One Coaching

Tailored Mentorship for College Success and Beyond


At College Shortcuts, founded by esteemed expert Neha Gupta, we specialize in giving students an unparalleled edge in the competitive college admissions landscape. Our one-on-one coaching program is uniquely designed to cater to individual needs, ensuring personalized attention and a custom-tailored curriculum. This program is for our VIP families as we only select 15 families per year to work with. Each family will go through an interview process to ensure it is a solid fit. This program creates the projects and extracurriculars that make students stand out among the 60,000 applicants and helps them to have stronger essays, interviews, and soft skills to make them unique and different and get in!


Our mission is simple yet profound: to unlock the full potential of each student. By combining UPENN-influenced academic strategies with essential life skills, we prepare our students for success not just in college, but in their future careers and personal endeavors.

Month-by-Month Program:

Month 1:
Deep Dive into Personality / Career Guidance - Understanding Strengths and Weaknesses + Reviewing Current Academic and Extracurricular Strategy

Month 2:
Ideation Station - Brainstorming and Conceptualizing Capstone Project + Research Boost Project

Month 3:
The Foundation - Building Out Your Idea

Months 4-7:
Execution Phase - Website Development and Re-Review Extracurricular Strategy Planning

Month 8:
Capstone Enhancements - Personal Website Creation and Re-Review Academic Course Strategy

Month 9:
Professional Prep - Resume Building and Project Continuation

Month 10:
Soft Skills Advancement - Fostering Communication, Leadership, and Teamwork

Months 11-12:
Capstone Project and Research Paper Finalization - Refining Skills and Completing Projects

Program Highlights:

Unique Curriculum:
Influenced by UPENN curriculum, designed for maximum impact in college admissions. Gupta, graduate of Rice and UPENN influences how her mentorship one on one works for families.

Soft Skills Development:
Building communication, leadership, and teamwork abilities.

Personal Branding:
Empowering students to showcase their unique qualities effectively through personal sites, possibly podcast / Youtube channels, or more!

Preparing students for a successful college experience and a prosperous career.

Mentorship Details:

Personalized Attention:
One-on-one sessions focusing on each student’s unique journey.

Research Boost Project:
Guided research paper writing, with mentorship and professional feedback.

Capstone Project:
Build a business, launch a non profit, or create a massive leadership opportunity, students are guided by your coach on how to build this over the next 12 months and launch their passion.

Comprehensive Coverage:
Inclusive of academic strategies, extracurricular activities, and summer planning.

Curious to see what a one-on-one session can be like?

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