Your Child. Accepted. 

You’re a busy parent trying to get your teenager to listen.
The College Admissions Process Was Different When You Applied.

Let’s be honest.

You hand-wrote your applications to college, and got in.
Today, the process is different.
It’s holistic review and colleges expect more.

Amazing Students Like Yours Aren’t Getting In. Your child deserves to get into their dream college and not rejected.

The worst part? Your child’s guidance counselor barely responds to your emails – and when they do, they send you whatever they just googled. Seriously?

It can be frustrating. We’ve been there too.

Do you want to evolve with the college admissions process or be a dinosaur in the sea of applications?

The truth is, colleges want more than ever from your student.

Imagine if your child could get the support, motivation, and guidance they need.

We aren’t the nagging parent or the crusty guidance counselor.

We are super-charged Ivy League “siblings” your teenager will love to listen to. Because we are fresh, super-smart, and charismatic.

At College Shortcuts, we infuse passion, purpose, and ease in this rite of passage. Your child will feel less stressed, more confident, and know that colleges are lucky to have them.

Don’t let other consulting services treat you like just another number in their system. At College Shortcuts, you become part of our family.

The Shortcut To College That Cuts No Corners. College Shortcuts.

Supportive guidance for college, delivered. Nag-free.


Neha Gupta
Founder of College Shortcuts, author of 3 best selling books, TEDx speaker