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7th-11th Mentorship

In a world that is constantly changing, there is one thing that never changes: mentorship can change the trajectory of your life. Our yearly mentorship program pairs your unicorn with someone close to their age so they have someone to plan their life vision out.

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Test Prep Consulting

Your unicorn rocks at school, but when it comes to test taking, they may have some reservations. Imagine your child with a charismatic nerd who has scored in the 99th percentile in the SAT/ACT to guide them on the path to a great score. Our team is trained in helping your unicorn achieve their full potential score.

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11th-12th Application Consulting

It's tough when your unicorn is staring at a blank cursor, trying to write their entire life story in 500 words. College Shortcuts pairs your unicorn with wordsmiths that will makes admissions officers glued to each word. We assist in picking the right next home for your child, resume assistance, letters of recommendations, and so much more.

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FREE Download: College Shortcuts NEW Guide To Scholarships

Did you know there are companies and organizations that want to give your unicorn $$ for being extraordinary? Find out more through our College Shortcuts easy-to-click Scholarship Guide to access $10 million dollars of scholarships for your unicorn. Yes, they are waiting for you.

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Watch Neha Gupta's Latest Speech at UCLA to hundreds of teens on the admissions process and how she brings these unicorns to life

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