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Onboard To College Shortcuts

We welcome you to College Shortcuts with our amazing welcome packets and look forward to connecting you with the expert advice you need in the college admissions process.


Organized Approach

We have an organized approach to getting all the applications done in an effective manner. We are also doing an in-person Application Fast Track Bootcamp in August when applications open to ensure all work is completed prior to 12th grade starting.


Grow Your Top Schools List

We specialize in helping students to build and expand their list of schools into ones that they’ll thrive in and love. Taking into account your child’s personality, strengths and preferences, we use our proprietary software and decades of firsthand experience at each school to help your child curate a top-notch list of schools.



We have developed a process for writing resumes that at-a-glance demonstrate what makes your child unique and a great fit. This stage often gives kids a lot of confidence as they reflect on their wonderful accomplishments to-date.


Letter of Recommendation Strategy

Letters of Recommendation are crucial in the college admissions process. We help your student pick the right teachers to get the best Letter of Recommendations.


Interview Preparation

We help your student gain the soft skills to wow admissions officers and give the best first-impression. We know how important the interview process is to get accepted.


Writing an Essay that Stands Out

We know what college admissions officers are looking for in the all-important college essay. We bring these two things together to help your child write an essay that is unique from all other applicants and true to what makes your child special.


Essay Editing To Final Draft and Submit Before Deadline

Get your essays edited by an editing team who has reviewed thousands of essays that have gotten students into top 20 universities year after year. Our team of editors know what it takes to stand out.

Application Fast Track will be conducted with Neha, founder of College Shortcuts for 2023. We are currently taking on a handful of students for limited spots for students applying for college as a senior during 2023 and 2024.

Application Fast Track with Neha will start at the end of January 2023 and be completed by September 2023.

Reservations for this program are first conducted with an assessment to ensure it is the right fit, and then your spot is reserved for our limited group of students.

There will be both group and one-on-one sessions and office hours with Neha to ensure success through your entire college admissions journey.

There will be an Application Fast Track Bootcamp held in person in Houston, Texas from August 1-6 to work on essays and common app with Neha to ensure it is done perfectly.

We are currently enrolling 11th graders into our 2023 Application Fast Track cohort, and once our spots are filled, we will no longer be adding last minute families to our program. We currently have 20 spots left for the 2023 year so please reserve your spot if you are interested in working with us.

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Parents and Students love College Shortcuts!

Neha made my entire college process easy and quick. I was able to create essays and a resume that stood out way beyond my peers. Mine essays were much deep in content and more compelling. I got into my number one choice!


Student @ University of Texas

I was able to achieve the necessary grades in high school along with high ACT/SAT scores to attend my top college choice. Not only is she professional but caring and always available for consultation. Her method of coaching cannot be described as anything less than amazing.


Student @ University of Texas

I feel like I can breathe easier. The College Shortcuts program helped me to get so much done in less than 4 weeks. I was able to apply to my top college by working on essays and the resume portion in such a quick time compared to my peers.


Student @ University of Florida

Neha knows what it takes to stand out in admissions and get into dream schools. Get expert advice today.