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I am The Dirty Secret

Hi Friend,

I know it sounds weird to say that, but honestly, I am literally the dirty little secret of the most elite families on the globe. You know, the ones that have private jets, hang out at the St. Regis, and run massive multi-million dollar companies and have homes in Aspen.

And let’s just say, I get to visit a lot of these amazing places around the globe. It’s the sexiest part of my job as a college consultant.

Most will tell you, “Oh little Johnny, he’s doing his applications on his own…” without letting you know that they have hired me as a consultant to handle every single detail and outsource the college admissions process to me.

Being one of the most sought out college consultant globally, I am traveling pretty much six months a year to handle clients and families that are wanting the best of the best for their child.

I am the secret sauce that helps them to still have a healthy relationship with their child, while having someone else on their side to handle all details.

Most people don’t know this about me, but I am a complete executor. I am the project manager that assigns tasks, breaks the project into pieces, and makes teens do it in a matter of no time. I love systems. I love process. I love just GETTING IT DONE.

Most moms are like, “Neha, how did you get my kid to get this done in less than 10 days?”

See, being one of the top consultants, I have been doing this year after year. I’ve developed a world-class system that works every single time. 95% of students get into their top choices year after year working with me.

I love being the dirty secret. Honestly, I don’t need to be in the limelight, and if parents want to keep it a secret, I don’t mind. I know that we all have our reputations to uphold, and we don’t want to always share our resources.

That’s why I am always extremely private about my clients that I work with. It is completely confidential unless they are just TOO excited at the end, and then we are busting at the seams to celebrate their teen.

There is nothing more gratifying than when students are getting acceptance letter after acceptance letter to every single college.

When a teen goes from, “can I get in…” to “which one should I go to?” we change their problem. I make their life a LOT harder…now they have choices.

To Being The Secret Sauce Of Families,

Neha Gupta

PS – We got featured on the front cover of Academics Magazine – I will tell you more about that tomorrow!