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3 Parenting Tips for Transitioning Into Middle School


Students stay in elementary school for more than five years, and by the end of it, a sense of safety and comfort is bound to be instilled. All of a sudden, they will be taken out of it and thrown into a school where there will for the first time act independently in many aspects of their life. Being able to choose courses and getting from class to class on their own is not always a simple task for young children, and it’s important that they prepare themselves appropriately. The onset of middle school will require various changes in a student’s behavior in order for a truly successful experience to develop. Here are some great tips to help!

Have the tools necessary to be organized

Organization is arguable the most important ingredient to develop into an independent student. Middle schoolers will have to take notes, do homework each night, and prepare for future assignments. Make sure your child has a planner to write everything need to do each day and a notebook for each class requiring notes. Teach them to start on a new page for each day of note-taking.

Create a college-motivated atmosphere at home

Even as middle school students, you should emphasize the expectation of preparing thoroughly for college. Get them in the habit of approaching their grades as seriously as possible, and it will eventually teach them an attitude with high standards as they get older. While some kids may see elementary school as a place full of fun games and activities, it’s important that they now have a more serious approach to school.

Be involved with your child’s teachers

It’s crucial that you get in touch with your child’s middle school teachers so that you can guide your child as effectively as possible. While they are developing independent skills, you should be ensuring that they are completing their homework assignments and that they are always on top of their work in class.

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