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10 Tips on Inspiring Education in Children


These 10 tips are ideas for how parents can inspire education in their children. The easiest and most effective way for children to learn and achieve success is through self motivation.

1. Be a role model for learning. Parents will always be their child’s first teachers and as such, parents must show their children that what they learned at home can be expanded upon in school. If parents depict this opportunity as exciting and meaningful, children will follow their lead. As children go through school, the parents’ roles change, but they must always be there to motivate their child and give importance to their education and their desire to learn new things.

2. Pay attention to what your child loves. Once you find their interests, help them explore those interests so they place importance on learning.

3. Tune into how your child learns. People learn in different ways- they may be visual, tactile, and/or auditory learners and it is important to pay attention to how your child learns. If you present topics in a way that is easier for them to learn, they will be more interested.

4. Practice what your child learns at school. It is important to keep the learning going at home by reviewing things such as basic counting skills, multiplication tables, etc. in ways that keep your child excited and intrinsically motivated to participate.

5. Set aside time to read together. Reading out loud exposes children to the vocabulary and aspects of good literature and gets them interested in reading and learning more. Make reading fun by reading together or picking out the newest book series.

6. Make learning a natural part of everyday life.  For example, practice measuring math while you are baking together. Have discussions about a variety of topics instead of blandly telling them facts to get them thinking.

7. Connect what your child learns to the world. Connect topics from the classroom to current events to show your child that what they are learning can help them in the real world. Ask them how they might help people affected by a recent event or ask them how they feel about certain world events to keep them thinking.

8. Help your child take charge of his learning.  Children should feel responsible for their own successes and failures and they need to be shown how engaging learning can be. This will help them form an intrinsic motivation to learn.

9. Don’t over-schedule your child. While extracurricular activities are encouraged, it is important to make sure children have free time. Make sure they are actually enjoying everything they are doing, so that activities don’t just become tiring parts of a never- ending routine.

10. Learn something new yourself. Since parents are their child’s role models, if a child sees their parent learning something new or reading about new topics, they will be inspired to do the same. If they see a parent having trouble learning a new skill, they will see that their parent understands what they are going through. This may also be an opportunity for them to learn from their parent’s study skills.

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