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There are college consultants working with almost every child actually roughly, actually 33% percent, so 1 in 3 typically hire a college consultant. You don’t know about it because little Johnny was doing it by himself.

Now, just so you know our team is international, like I said Harvard, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, writers, authors on my team, and ex-admissions counselors.

An incredible team.

We have project managers with an entire team behind us because we are a global consulting firm. We have team members from Canada, from Asia, from the U.S., and from Europe.

It takes a lot to make sure that the team makes the dream work.

Now I want to go through something and give you a little bit of perspective because a lot of time we forget how much we invest in our children. See on average a home can cost $350,000 or more. A car investment for 16 year old or maybe it’s your car is $30,000. The average cost of extracurricular activities is $45,000 when you add it up over since they were 3 or 4. The school textbooks, braces, prom dress, and all that stuff for high school. Add another $10,000 if you want to get really good college admissions test prep to make your kid’s National Merit or on $7,000, and then you’ve got college for 4 years at $50,000, which at the end adds up to roughly $640,000, that’s assuming if your kid goes to public school. If your kid goes to private school add an additional $400,000.

Some of you don’t realize, teenagers in the room, that your parents have invested upwards of $1.2 million dollars by the time you graduate college.

We at College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors believe the true investment starts from the journey of high school to college.

Let’s talk about your return on investment. See if you are a computer science degree at Columbia, let’s say, I pulled this from pay scale, roughly $98,000 times 40 is 4 is $4 million, is what your salary would be. 40 sounds long, but guys we are all living a lot longer.

Computer Science at University of Delaware. Now, University of Delaware is not a bad school. I want to clarify here, but you should know that it’s not as prestigious as Columbia. Your starting salary could be closer to $66,000 ending up with $2.6 million as your salary.

That’s a difference of $1.4 million in salary when it comes to your child’s lifestyle and their ability to really have a comfortable life.

I show this slide because I think so many times we forget how important the choice really truly can be because you’re not just investing in getting into a dream college.

You’re investing in a mentor that makes sure that your child knows what they love to do, finds out what they’re passionate about, makes sure they apply to the right school.

Let me tell you something for all my senior parents in the room. Next year your kid is not at home and who they spend time with is who they become. You want to make sure you put them in a safe and happy place.

Now I want to talk about consulting because so many parents have been like “I’ve never heard of college consulting or what it is.” Can you raise your hand if you’re a parent and maybe you haven’t even heard of what a college consultant is?

Awesome so many of you guys have heard of it, because it is an industry. Our system is broken and so many times people forget the importance of getting outside help.

Now on average consultants can cost upwards of $40,000 to sometimes $200,000 for the college admissions process. I know that sounds crazy because yes, that is a lot of money but there are families paying this globally.

I’m going to go ahead and let us know that I’m going to be talking to you guys a little bit about some programs that we offer that are less than 1% investment in your child’s future.