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World Class Coaching For Teens

College Admissions

Hi Friend,

So, you may be wondering if I am going to recommend something that is ground-breaking.

And, yes, I am. With over 10 years of experience, I have found over and over that test prep must be done one-on-one. As a company that could make four times as much stuffing kids in a classroom locally, my goal isn’t that. My goal is to drive the result, boost test taking confidence, and make sure our kids get the right attention needed to do well.

Although it sounds simple, I am telling you that there is nothing like one-on-one focused attention given to your teenager in a world that is constantly distracted.

Because test dates are fast approaching, we want to tell you about our latest test prep techniques: The Elite Test Prep Method.

This is a technique where we cover the following strategies in our one-on-one tutoring.

  1. We aren’t focused just solely on the test. We are focused specifically on world-class elite methods that help students to understand HOW to take a test, which they can apply for their entire academic career.
  2. Reduction of stress and anxiety. Did you know that one of the biggest problems for test prep is that students psyche themselves out on their own? Our Elite Test Anxiety methods will help your child to get excited before, during, and after the exam. Believe me.
  3. Proven Data For Decades. 98% of students that coach with us get an increase in their score. We have seen students improve by over 300 points on the SAT and 9 points on the ACT. With over 10 years of experience, we have helped thousands of students achieve their dream test score.

And, for the first time ever, we are excited to announce that we have not only been tutoring students locally in Houston, but we are now tutoring students in over 30 countries for test prep through video.

Did you know – that teenagers reported that they don’t feel a difference with someone over video vs. in person?

What’s even more exciting – our results are EXACTLY the same whether we are sitting next to your student or on video, because the level of attention and dedication is still there regardless of location.

We have students and parents reaching out to us to book test prep constantly to get the help they need.

If you are interested, please reach out and we can send you further information about our packages and how we can get you setup. With our cutting edge strategies and world-class use of technology, we can get that score up in no time.

Email me here at or call us at 713-401-2867.

Thank you!


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