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Senioritis and College Applications

Senioritis. It happens. It’s a problem for almost everyone.

Contrary to popular belief, your senior grades matter! The colleges you apply to will see your grades for the year. Your first semester grades will be seen as they consider your acceptance, and colleges retain the right to revoke your admission if your performance suffers in your second semester.

A friend of mine in high school took AP classes, had good grades in high school, and was on track for college. However, he failed required courses his senior year and didn’t graduate because he stopped trying. Senioritis is a big problem among high-school students. It’s important you don’t let it affect you.

Senior year is the most important year in high school because of college applications. The phrase brings dread and inspires fear in most students. The prospect of writing and proofreading essays for hours is daunting. The pressure of receiving your acceptance letters is nerve-wrecking. It determines where you will spend the next four years of your life. So, it’s common sense that procrastinating is a bad idea! However, many people, including me, still do it. Take it from someone who has gone through the process.

Don’t procrastinate! Don’t let senioritis get to you!

College apps are only for the first semester. Once you finish them, if you know you’ve done the best you possibly can, you will feel satisfied and accomplished, without regret. Start the applications as soon as you are able to. Start thinking about them during the summer before your senior year and begin writing them as soon as the prompt is available. It will take off so much pressure in the last minute when the other seniors are scrambling to get their essays done. It will also make your essays much better because you’ve had longer to think about, improve, and edit them.

Consider applying early action/decision to your top choices

The chances are much higher and it shows that you are most interested in that school. My senior year, I procrastinated on my essays and didn’t get it done on time to apply to my dream school for early action. Instead I applied regular decision and didn’t get in. Although I am extremely happy with the school I have chosen and wouldn’t trade it now for any other school, I was devastated at the time. Who knows? If I had applied early action I may have gotten in, and my life could be completely different now. Even if you apply early and get in, you can still apply regular decision and choose another school.

Personal satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

If you procrastinate on your essays and don’t produce your best work and are denied acceptance from your top choices, you may wonder if you had tried harder if the outcome would be different. If you know you gave your best effort then you have nothing to regret and you can hold your head up high knowing you put your best foot forward.

Senior year is tough. You’ve worked so hard the first three years of high school, so keep it up for another year and I promise you’ll be happy with the results.

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