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Villanova Acceptance Rate

If you’re dreaming of becoming a Wildcat at Villanova University, I hope you’re ready to learn what it takes to apply and be noticed during their admissions process. As a private, Roman Catholic research university located in a northwestern suburb of Philadelphia, Villanova offers a one of a kind education based on Truth, Unity, and Charity. Ready to learn more about the Villanova acceptance rate and what it takes to be part of those accepted to Villanova?

What is the Villanova Acceptance Rate?

The Villanova acceptance rate is 43.5% after receiving a little over 17,000 applications for the latest fall application cycle. Its target freshman class was just under 2,000 students, but they obviously extended acceptance letters to more students than that. Knowing that, let’s take a closer look at the students who will be calling themselves Wildcats:

  •    73% ranked in the top 10% of their graduating high school class
  •    95% ranked in the top 20% of their graduating high school class
  •    Average SAT score is 1425 on the new 1600 scale
  •    Average ACT score is 32
  •    Average weighted GPA is 4.12

As you can see from the above information, the Wildcats of Villanova are a competitive group. If you’re interested in applying, you should make sure your scores and GPA are at least meeting the averages. Exceeding the averages is always a good idea, because it shows that you are an ideal candidate and have a lot to contribute to their community. But how do you get from your numbers to theirs?

Improve Your Chances of Being Accepted to Villanova

Now that you know the Villanova acceptance rate and the kind of students that are accepted, we can start to work on tailoring your academics and test scores to make sure you’re a viable candidate. Below are the tips and tricks I share with all of my students at the start of their college application journey.

Get a College Consultant

Working with a college consultant is essential to the college application process. It’s their job to stay on top of what particular colleges are looking for in students and making sure you’re on the right track with your application. College consultants also look at what you’re already bringing to the table and help you identify colleges that are looking for students just like you. They also help you build relationships with college representatives and help you figure out what to do at college fairs and when you’re visiting college campuses. Because college is incredibly competitive, working with a college consultant gives you an edge during the application process.

Are You Excited For College? Show It!

In order to be in the top 20% or even top 10% of your graduating class, you need to make sure your grades are top notch. And if you want to meet or exceed that 4.12 GPA, you’ll need to work with a tutor to help you earn the best grades possible. You’ll also need to take four years of your major academic areas with as many AP and IB classes as your school offers. You can learn more about the differences here. Remember to reach out for help when you’re struggling and earn as many A’s as you possibly can.

Snag High Scores on the ACT or SAT

Villanova’s average ACT and SAT scores achievable if you’re prepared to put in the work. Use the averages I provided as your minimum target score. Remember: the higher the better. Here are five proven ways you can increase your ACT or SAT scores:

  •    Use your scores from the Pre-ACT and PSAT to determine which test to focus on.
  •    Figure out where your scores are in relation to Villanova’s averages.
  •    Practice, practice some more, and keep on practicing. You don’t have to re-take the Pre-ACT or PSAT, but you should use tests from online or in test prep books.
  •    Find a coach with a high score who can help you prepare for the official ACT or SAT. Work with them as much as you can, ask questions, learn from them.
  •    Not happy with your scores? Re-take them. It’s completely normal to re-take your standardized tests and you can safely submit between four and six without jeopardizing your chances at being accepted.

Also remember to set up a consistent schedule and stick with it. Cramming for the SAT or ACT will not only stress you out, but you will not earn your best possible score this way.

Show Off Your Passions

Nobody wants to be more anxious or depressed, but if you lock yourself in your room, chain yourself to your desk, and never do anything except homework and study, that’s exactly where you’re headed. Use your extra-curriculars to flex your leadership muscles and give your brain a well-deserved rest. Whether you decide to join a club at school, get a part-time job, compete in a varsity sport, or volunteer in the community, you can take a break from studying and still make your college application look amazing.

At 43.5% the Villanova acceptance rate is competitive, but not so much that you should be discouraged from applying. With Division I NCAA athletics and a quality, private education, spending four years at Villanova is an ideal way to earn your college degree. Remember to work with your college consultant when filling out your application, get good grades, work hard on the SAT or ACT, and take time to give back to the world around you and your application to Villanova is sure to get noticed.

What are your thoughts on Villanova? Did you think the acceptance rate would be lower or higher? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!