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Varsity Blues Case Unfolding

Special News

When the news first broke out about the college admissions scandal, my phone blew up. Some of my industry co-horts told me not to approach the issue, but I disagreed. I continue to watch the court proceedings closely because it does affect me. It tainted our industry and what we stand for.

Lori Loughlin and her husband allegedly paid half a million dollars to get a college counselor, Rick Singer, to accept their two teenagers into USC. Now, they are fighting the matter claiming they believed the money was not a personal bribe and was money that would go to the university and future academic efforts. Even if they are right about where they were sending the money, paying money to the university to get your child into college is a form of bribery.

Felicity Huffman has already completed several days in jail and is now doing assigned community work because she pleaded guilty to paying $15,000 to increase her child’s SAT score.

Also, what consequences emotionally do you think their children felt? They are probably feeling insecure or embarrassed or inadequate. Or worse, the children feel their parents think so low of them because they needed to bribe someone to help their child get in...

Many parents have reached out to me asking to be kept confidential or worried about the services they paid in light of this scandal...but what’s the difference?

My company, College Shortcuts, is legal.

When you pay us money to help tutor your child, counsel them on their college application and resume, assist in formatting a strong personal essay, that is LEGAL.

We do NOT take that money and pay off college counselors.

The big difference between the parents that are being charged in the Varsity Blues case and the parents that hire us is we are NOT cheats.

We believe in your children and in their success. We empower them to find their inner unicorn and showcase that to college admissions counselors in a way that they are excited about admitting your child into said university.

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