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Hi Friend,

I just wanted to share with the commercial I did with a Harvard student, Rice student, and more.. because I don’t think you realize how effective it is to know about the colleges your child may apply to in the next few years.

I just wanted to share this great commercial here

This video, despite its title, is more than just about visiting a college. Getting to know the college, you see, has got to do with much more than understanding architecture or buildings on campus. It has to deal with the types of students you will encounter.

These interviews touch on….

Why your kid may get the worst grades ever in college…

Why a small environment may be the best decision you made for their future…

And how demystifying the application process at Harvard may be a good thing for your child to hear.

You can watch a snippet of the commercial here

This is an insightful (and humorous) commercial, and I’m sure you’ll be mesmerized by the Georgetown student’s response and these students’ incredible presence on camera.

So do check out this commercial and if you get inspired to learn more, I invite you to join us for our Backstage Pass: Shortcut the College Tour.

You can go ahead and visit this page and we will send out the interviews. There’s only ten more access passes left.

This is the underground college tour you have wanted when you visited - and we are closing our spots tonight.

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