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Why You Should Step Into Your Kids Shoes

Hi, it’s Neha from College Shortcuts.

Oh my God, it’s Wednesday. Yeah, it's Wednesday and you know what’s really funny, I take classes every week like a lot, so people are confused with what I do but I mean, I’m a good tutor and a good coach. I'm gonna still put my feet in a kid's shoe. Some I am kind of excited, because today I’m going in a school bus. Yeah, can you believe it? I am actually going to a yellow school bus which is kind of big deal. So, I wanna help a friend of mine as we walk to a bus to wait for our chaperon. I’m not a chaperon today. I’m a student and it’s cool. I have a lunch bag which is really fun because you know, you should get your lunch bag, like lunch bag of my old lunch. Yeah, it’s really exciting today. Yesterday, I had a great time speaking with some incredible students which is really very nice. Things make me so incredible, but you know it's really funny like I believe, I remember the last time I rode a school bus like a real school bus. But, today I’m going on, you know I got a teenage set. So, I really count as a teenager. Today, we are going a school tour. I’m a part of definite life program here in Houston and we have our food lunch and  it’s definitely cool and we're gonna be going specifically to their factories so we can learn all about them. They are all made in US, it’s really cool.