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New York University Acceptance Rate

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Packing a list of alumni that’s essentially a who’s who of the entertainment industry, New York University includes the likes of Lady Gaga, Anne Hathaway, Aziz Ansari, and Tom Ford. Interested in joining their ranks? Keep reading for more information on the New York University acceptance rate and what you can do to increase your chances of being accepted.

What is the New York University Acceptance Rate

The New York University acceptance rate is 32%. The Class of 2020 submitted a little over 60,000 applications worldwide for the admissions team to review. From that group, barely 6,000 were accepted onto the NYC campus, making them the largest class in NYU’s history. What can we learn from those 6,000 students lucky enough to be invited into its halls? If you take a closer look at the newest class, you can get a good feel for the kind of students NYU welcomes:

  •    largest African American class
  •    largest Latino class
  •    21% are Pell-eligible
  •    34% of admitted students have a GPA between 3.5 and 3.74
  •    the average ACT score is 30
  •    the majority had SAT subsection scores between 600 and 700
  •    the average SAT score is 1410

You can see from this data that there’s also a lot of variety, particularly with the standardized test score ranges. NYU’s statistics reflect its holistic application evaluation. So what can you do to increase your chances of being part of the New York University acceptance rate? And how much work will you have ahead of you to get in?

How to Increase Your Odds of Getting into NYU

Because the New York University acceptance rate is competitive and encompasses a wide range of students, figuring out how to wow their admissions committee can be really intimidating. It’s okay if you’re nervous. It’s completely understandable and even normal. I work with students like you every day who want to get into challenging schools like this. So, I’ve compiled a list of helpful hints to boost your chances of being noticed by the NYU team.

Talk to a College Consultant

With a school as unique as New York University, you need a college consultant in your back pocket to help you navigate their application process and identify how to make your information stand out from the thousands of applications they receive. College consultants know how to impress colleges and get application packets noticed. Work closely with them while you’re applying to the New York University and other schools on your college list.

Crack Open Your Books

New York University is infamous for its creative and intelligent alumni, so you need to mentally prepare yourself to be in its halls. Not only should you be taking four years of all the major academic areas like English, math, social studies, and the sciences, you should get in at least three years of the same foreign language, and take all the AP and IB classes you can. Make sure to work with a tutor to keep yourself on track academically. AP and IB courses will help you think outside the box and mentally prepare you for New York University’s workload.

Get Standardized Test Scores You Can Be Proud Of

Just because the New York University acceptance rate encompasses a wide range of standardized test scores, does not mean you can blow off preparing or working with a coach who has a high score. It’s still just as important for you to religiously prepare for these tests. Take the Pre-ACT and PSAT so you know which score highlights your college readiness in the most positive light and work hard to get the highest score on it as possible. Working with a coach will let you learn from someone who has been there and give you the specialized attention you can’t find in test prep books.

Flaunt Your Passions

Who wants to be more anxious and depressed? Probably not you. With a school as mentally demanding as New York University, it can be really tempting to do nothing, but homework for the rest of your time in high school. Resist that temptation! You’ll burn yourself out and not be in any condition to perform in peak condition. But you can’t completely blow off your classes either. Find a happy medium by joining extra-curriculars that excite you. Whether you’re creating or leading an after-school club, holding down a part-time job, playing a sport, or making a difference by volunteering in your community; having something fun to do can improve your college application. Give your brain a break and have some fun!

With an acceptance rate at 32%, NYU welcomes and produces students of incredible intellectual caliber. Applicants from all walks of life and interests are welcomed in, even those from varying financial backgrounds. 19% of their incoming class is the first in their family to go to college. While you work with your college consultant, make sure to pack your schedule with AP and IB classes, earn good grades, rock your standardized test, and balance yourself out with extra-curriculars and you can improve your chances of becoming an NYU graduate.

What are your thoughts on the NYU? Do you have other questions about applying? Comment below and let us know what’s on your mind. We can’t wait to talk to you!

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