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A High School Counselor Kicked Me Out Of Her Office

College Admissions

Hi Friend,

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that our system is broken. Sure, send me some hate mail if this makes you upset, but in order for revolutionary change to happen for the next generation, you have to recognize what doesn’t work.

Where are we failing our kids most? College admissions.

I was sitting in the office of college counseling at “LA-DI-DAA” high school last year.

The office was rampant with college flags that were probably bought in college bookstores tacked to every inch of every wall.

In this multi-colored box, stood one college counselor in a beautiful multi-colored Tory Burch dress. I was able to get a meeting after following up with her over 15 times. I told her a few names of who I worked with last year….she was floored that the students that I had worked with were all her favorites.

I explained that with my methodology, we try to advocate for students to get the best help they need and to come in early to make sure they have everything completed prior to senior year.

She was dumbstruck.

When I asked her when they started to talk to families about the college process, she stated, “we start around May of their junior year to talk about test prep, and in September about applying to school.”

I was dumbstruck. Picking my dropped jaw off her desk with my small hands, I asked, “is there any way I can come to serve these families by giving them an effective timeline or suggestions on how to get into college?”

Her response, “no, we just don’t have outside speakers come in.”

I had the recommendation of families year after year. I am a verified SOURCE. I felt a pit in my stomach. The same pit I had when I was seventeen in my own college counselors office – feeling defeated.

Feeling rejected.

Again, the red tape. She knew that we had helped over 10 students from her last year graduating class get over $677,000 in scholarship money, get into every one of their top choices, and barely bothered her all year. And, not to mention, I have done this for her school for years.

Instead of being excited, she felt threatened.

I had stepped on her territory.

The thing is, the system is broken. When I asked her how she was involved with helping students, she said, “the squeaky kid gets the most attention. If they don’t show up here, we just assume they have it handled.”

Broken. Broken. Broken.

Let’s just say over 3,000 students graduated from that high school. There was no way that the kid was going to get in to their dream college based upon this counselor’s desire to get involved.

Don’t believe me? I have on tape, students explaining the EXACT same issue I have stated above from different high schools across the country.

Oh, and let me make this one even clearer – these are from GOOD HIGH SCHOOLS.

I am not making this @#(*$ up. It’s real – the system is broken, and as an advocate for children globally, it is my duty to show you what is truly happening at school.

Listen here to two REAL LIFE teenagers talking about what really happened for them


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