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How To Get Into College In 3 Easy Steps

College Admissions

Hey everyone. This is Neha with College Shortcuts. I am so excited to be being here. I've got my YouTube going and Facebook livers. Really really excited about today. Now, I want you guys to know that it has been such an incredible start to the new year. Now, I'm going to go ahead and see if I can go ahead and put the quick link below for you guys to sign up for free call with my team. Just you know what you do you literally just click the link below. Then you fill out the information and then it invites you to book a calendar link which is absolutely incredible. So, we can get that on the calendar and take massive action. So, let me go ahead and put that below right here. For my YouTubers in the house just go ahead and comment "Yes." I will definitely help you. For Facebook Livers, everyone joining in. Please make sure to also comment and say "Hello" because we are live here today. Alright, let me go ahead and type this in. Here we go! Okay Perfect! Say "Yes" if you can see the comment below just super curious about that okay. So, guys I just want to do this quick video here today because I have been talking to parents non-stop. It's been absolutely incredible. The biggest thing that I've been listening to is this lack of hope. One of the big things I think we forget is most parents job is to protect their children. Most teenagers typically like to play it safe when it comes to the college admissions process. I mean let's put it this way, most students don't know how to handle rejection because let's face it. They've never experienced it before in the past. You know or maybe they have and they try to avoid it. So, I was talking to a dad today it was incredible. One of their children actually has practically a perfect score on the ACT. Just a few points. A very good GPA of 4.3 because of some of the conversations in the house. The dynamic in the house. They were talking about really lowering schools to lower the expectations. You know maybe getting their kid's hopes down or just trying to protect them basically from feeling any form of frustration or sadness when it comes to the college admissions process. I said you know that's why having a third person or a third party involved can help to dissipate the stress and tension in these conversations. Also, we can help to bring up the excitement. You know here at College Shortcuts we love getting kids into college. It is so much fun when we get you know to see acceptance letter after acceptance letter. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships. I mean just in the last year we were able to get students, millions of dollars of scholarships that they never would have gotten even if it was just on their own without our strategies and our tools. I was reading this book today called "The One Thing" and it talks about how to focus really clearly on the one thing. This year at College Shortcuts, our focus is a hundred. It's a hundred families and that is our favorite and most focused goal. So, I just wanted to do this quick video to explain to you why. There's three easy steps in getting at a college and the first one is understanding that about 92 percent. I was just reading this recently; 92 percent of students have somebody. Definitely take a look at their essays. Oh my god! Collette just shared my post. Thank you so much. Everyone that's watching. If you can like, heart and share this video that would be absolutely amazing. It makes me want to do more and more of these as I keep going on. So, step 1 is getting the help that you need. So, like I was saying this dad was you know we had a great conversation before Christmas. Then the holidays happened, there was a lot of stress in the house. It was just one of those situations where he was really feeling deflated about the process. The sad part is about feelings of deflated is that you know you don't want to feel deflated in this process. You know to me I think having a vision and having a beautiful view of what your future can be is important. Let me tell you one of the things I was reading in The One Thing was the only path to success is many little blocks of failure. So, most people don't get to success if they're sitting on their couch watching Netflix all day long or Indian soap operas. Like that's not an effective strategy towards going towards your goal. But it takes risk and it takes the first step. So, that's why I put my link below here for you to take that first step with me. For me to make this easier for you as a parent. The reason I tell you this is because so many people forgot to take the next step in their life and journey, they're scared. So, the second step on getting into the college of your dreams is to be willing to fail and a willing to feel rejection and willing to feel frustration in the process because I'm here to tell you that that's how people get to their goals. This is the one thing that I said to this dad and I think it kind of jarred him. But I felt the need to say it. I said "You lose a hundred percent of the shots that you choose not to take. A hundred percent, your child has a 100 percent chance of not getting in because you're choosing to protect him." He said "You know how I've talked to so many different companies. This is so competitive. I just don't want my kid to get hurt." I said "Well that's fine. Just remember that you are totally limiting your kid." He said "You're the only one that I talk to that really give a damn about my kid and you don't even know him yet." I said "That's because I really care. You know your kid is worth so hard up to this point. Of course, you're going to feel some fear around it. You're just caving into it." I was like I have to call you on yourself because it's really important in order for you to get to success. You've got to have coaches and mentors and people along your path to help you get to the next step. So, like I said earlier you know the second step is really understanding that failure and rejection is part of the game. It's that part of the game of life. We talk a lot about helicopter parenting, protecting your kids too much. That's the major issues that we don't want them to take those shots because we're scared out of our minds that they're going to feel deflated or lose their self-esteem or lose self-worth. Well, that's like I said step one is getting the right mentors please. Looks like you guys like me on the late-night show with Neha Gupta at Collar Shortcuts. Oh my gosh how exciting is good to know. I would love for you guys to comment. Actually, comment to me and tell me what times and days you would like to see me on. Make sure to put your time zone because we have tons of people from all over the place. All over the world that watch these videos. The third thing I want to talk about today is understanding that time's up. Now, if you guys. I don't know if you guys know. I love it when people comment. So, like I said earlier make sure to like, share and comment below. Now, one of the big things that I wrote in my e-mails. I don't normally write super personal e-mails but I felt the need this week to do it because I was feeling a lot stirring in my heart after the Golden Globes. So, if you guys have not signed up for my newsletter please go to and right through the front to fill up the information. Because I send some great e-mails and just you know they're not automated e-mails.

I actually handwrite every one of them to you as I greet my nice cup Chai in the morning. So, please remember I am thinking of you specifically when I write my emails. These are not written by someone else. Not automated! This is me talking to you directly. So, let me go ahead and I want to just share with you. One of my e-mails. So, I wanted to go ahead and just kind of read this to you because I think it's really important. So, let me tell you what inspired this. Okay Golden Globes did anyone to watch Oprah speak? Type in "Yes" below, super curious but this is where I'm referring to his Oprah speech. "I used to come home after school literally every single day and watch Oprah. To me I was floored honestly that a minority female could literally do what she was doing. Honestly the way I looked up to her. I didn't know her but I really looked up to her and I think that's a huge thing to realize is that teenagers are starving for somebody to look up to. Not just their parents because the teenage years are the rebellious years of childhood. They're looking for outside mentors that look just a few steps ahead to them. I just remember, I loved how she focused on uncovering the truth. How she talked about topics that not everyone talked about and how she totally commanded her power. I knew that one day when I was watching out as a teenager that I wanted to create my own platform and that's right here right now while you're watching. You know I wanted to be able to have the courage to speak my truth. I was really moved by her speech just these last few days. If you didn't watch the speech, I highly recommend that you do and to share it with your children because I think it's a wonderful topic to discuss. It's relevant, it's new and it keeps you in the trend. I will tell you what I love about Oprah is her passion, her fire and her tenacity. She just doesn't give up. She spoke a lot about the importance of having a dream, the rise of women in today's society. The day that all of the women that she knows and all the women in general can stop saying what I call "Me too." If you don't "Me too" movement you can google it and look it up. I just want to actually touch on this a little bit because most of you wouldn't guess the amount of times that I've had to deal "Me too" situations. This is important to know because I dealt with this starting at a teenage level. So, step three is really understanding where your kid is at. To really help them in the college admissions process. But you know as a female student I was really freakin smart. But why was it that I couldn't be both? What most people consider beautiful and intelligent. Why is it that you're either one or the other? I felt that in high school too. Why was it that I can never feel like I was being taken seriously in a room of men? Why was it that you know even as I've grown up in times that I feel like a second-class citizen at conferences or you know that my male counterparts are considered more entrepreneurial than I am. Why was it that even at the age of 14 or 15 I was looked at as an object or that I was really rejected or mansplain to all the time and talked over. I didn't know how to handle these things. Even as I went from a teenager to college where really a lot of stuff happens during that time. Then when I moved into you know working afterwards. I realized that I had to start my own company because I couldn't find a solution that existed where I could have the flexibility. I could work from anywhere in the world and I could really make impact. I can't even tell you the number of sexual harassment things I dealt with or just things I was so uncomfortable with. I didn't even tell my mom or dad about it because I didn't know how to communicate with them. Then on top of it I saw so many moms that were working full time and they didn't have the flexibility take care of their kids. To help with all the stuff and they felt freaking exhausted and to be honest I was so disgusted by it. The truth of the matter is that's why I decided to create College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors and I set out this mission where I knew that I would make sure my team was at least 75 percent female of which they are paid equal or more than some of their male counterparts because I haven't seen it anywhere else in today's world and that frustrates me. I want to make sure that we are empowering women to take it to the next level. For me I wanted to mentor the kids so that they knew that they have a mentor or coach by their side no matter. The kind of coach that I needed when I was going through this process and that way they have a relationship with someone who's already paved the way. Already knows how hard this is but I'll tell you even along this path. I've had a lot of failures. I've had a lot of haters. But if you want to know what keeps me going is the fact that there's no way for your kid to succeed if they aren't used to haters or failing every once in a while. I'll tell you it's people like Oprah that kept me going. I know it sounds crazy. I don't know her personally but it was people like her that passion and that fire that kept me going. I had mentors and coaches along the way. Today, I spent a few hours just thinking about all of the people that touched my life when I was a teenager. I was meditating and I thought about this one mentor that I don't know if I'd be here and where I am now without this one mentor when I was 15 years old. I want to tell this is a time where I believe things are going to change. I may not be Oprah. I dream to be Oprah but I may not be Oprah but I'm still leading a movement. I'm still here for a reason and I'm still here pushing you to take your life to the next level. For me I'm leading a movement where moms and dads are taking action. They're taking responsibility. They're taking ownership for their kids’ future. Where moms are stopping this concept of martyrdom motherhood. Martyrdom is where moms’ self-sacrifice their entire lives for their kids but instead this is where moms are really practicing self-care and hiring out. Building their team for their child. Making sure that they put themselves first so that their kid gets a happy excited mom when they come home. That's what 2018 is about to me. Let me tell you something. This is the year where moms can realize, they can have it all. You can have it all if you create that vision for you. These are the moms that make me do what I do every single day. Day in, day out 24/7 but it's not just the moms and dads that keep me going. It's the kids, it's the kids where they feel like their dreams can come true because someone has already paved the road where kids feel hope in this process. Where kids feel secure about their future. Where kids are excited about their future. Let me tell you something. Time is up, time is up for the moms that run themselves into the ground. Time is up for the dads who are still just kind of struggling and making decisions in their kids' process. This is a team effort guys, team effort. Everyone needs to be on the same page when it comes to this process because someone's got to pay for college. Someone's got to help make sure that the applications look good. Someone's got to make sure that kid is fed. Someone's got to make sure that we're keeping them disciplined, happy, healthy. It's a team guys and I will tell you time's up for the student who wants to lower their expectations so they don't get their little feelings hurt. Time's up! Time's up for the students who meander through their academic career. Time's up. Time's up for waiting on your dreams. Time's up for your kid not reaching out to what they truly want. Another kid getting their dreams because your kid couldn't take a risk. Time is up! The world is moving at a faster pace than ever. This is your year. This is your year! We are on a new horizon and I want you to join my movement. I want to hear from you. I want you to be involved. I want you to take a stand and I want you to get involved in your kids process because the time is up. Time's up guys! There's no more time for you to be waiting on your kid's dreams to come true. So, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did please comment, let me know what you think. Like the video, share it and make sure to click the link below and definitely sign up so I can make sure your dreams come true in 2018.

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