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Fighting Distractions

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Academics can be hard enough without hundreds of distractions bidding for your attention.  While studying for a test or just completing homework, it is beneficial to create an atmosphere free of distractions and conducive to productivity. Even in class it is crucial to avoid distractions that steal your attention from lecture.  Here are some tips for creating a healthy environment for studying.

1. Noise Distractors – If possible study in an area with minimal noise.  This could mean a room away from distractions like others watching TV, a younger sibling, or musical instruments.  If unable to reduce the ambient noise, think about wearing headphones and listening to music to drown out the surroundings.

2. Discipline with Electronics – It may be necessary to separate yourself from distractions like cell phones, computers or TV’s while studying.  If working on a computer, make sure to keep tabs and windows unrelated classwork to a minimum.

3. Distracting Objects – Are there certain items in your study space that draw your attention away from the work at hand? For example, if you are going on a ski trip in a couple weeks and your boots and poles are sitting in the corner, it may be hard not to daydream about cruising down the mountain when you focus on homework.

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