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Arizona State University Acceptance Rate

If going to school in Temple, Arizona sounds like a dream come true for you then I suggest you take a close look at Arizona State University. It has five different campuses for you to choose from and outranked Stanford and MIT as being most innovative school in the country for two straight years. They also ranked ahead of MIT, Columbia, and UCLA in terms of employability for their graduates. Want to learn more about this forward-thinking university, the Arizona State University acceptance rate, and how to increase your chances of admission? Keep reading.

What is the Arizona State University Acceptance Rate?

With such an impressive introduction, you’re probably expecting the Arizona State University acceptance rate to be as small as the Ivy League’s. Surprisingly, the number is considerably higher than the Ivy League and other selective public universities. In fact, the Arizona State University acceptance rate is actually 85% and while it is a competitive school, it is much more accessible to students.

How to Get into Arizona State University

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you know that I never promise to get any of you into a university. It’s not because of my skill set or yours, but because college applications and admissions get increasingly difficult every year. But I can promise you a way to be part of the Arizona State University acceptance rate because the school itself promises to accept students who meet the criteria I’m about to discuss with you.

To become part of the Arizona State University acceptance rate, you must have a high school diploma and your transcript must show that you fulfill the following requirements

Subject Years Required Special Note
English 4 Composition/Literature based
Math 4 Includes Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and one course with Algebra II as a pre-req
Laboratory Science 3 1 year each from any of the following: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Integrated Sciences, and Physics
Social Science 2 Must have 1 year of American History
Second Language 2 Must be the same language
Fine Arts/Career/Technical Education 1

In addition to meeting the above requirements, you also need to meet at least one of these:

  •    be in the top 25% of your high school graduating class
  •    have 3.0 out of 4.0 GPA in competency courses
  •    have an ACT score of 22 (24 if you’re not an Arizona resident)
  •    have an SAT score of 1120 (1180 is you’re not an Arizona resident)

If you’re able to do that and meet the ASU competency requirements then you’re in!

How to Improve Your Chances of Being Accepted to ASU

Even though meeting these requirements guarantees you’ll become part of the Arizona State University acceptance rate, I always encourage my students to go above and beyond. Doing this not only ensures your acceptance, but also opens you up to merit-based scholarships and other financial aid opportunities. And who wouldn’t like a little financial help when they’re going to college? So let’s talk about the actionable steps you can take to make yourself an even more appealing applicant to the ASU admissions committee.

Make the Most of Your Classes

To take it one step further, I encourage you to take advanced classes. You don’t have to take a full load of AP courses or go for the IB diploma unless you really want to and know you can handle it. But if English is a subject you excel at then why not take IB World Literature or if chemistry is your thing then go for AP Chem. These small changes will help your application stand out and show ASU that you’re committed to making the most of your college education.

Show Those Standardized Tests Who’s in Charge

I know not many of you are looking forward to having to take the ACT or SAT. The good news is that you have a set goal in mind already, because of Arizona State University’s requirements. I always recommend you work with someone who took home a top score in the test you’re taking to make sure your scores are competitive. And don't worry if you aren't happy with your score or don’t meet the requirements the first time you take it. You can always retake the ACT or SAT.

Stumped on What Other Schools to Apply To?

This is normally a conversation I encourage you to have with your college consultant, because they have the most in-depth view on your application’s strengths and weaknesses. But I can make some general suggestions for you. I encourage you to check out these schools and make sure to thoroughly read over their admissions requirements, because they will differ from ASU’s.

School Name Location ACT Average SAT Average (1600)
California State University Long Beach Long Beach, CA 21 1100
Hofstra University Hempstead, NY 25 1220
Ohio University Athens, OH 24 1160
Pace University New York, NY 24 1160
Quinnipiac University Hamden, CT 24 1180
Seton Hall University South Orange, NJ 25 1200
Syracuse University Syracuse, NY 26 1240
Temple University Philadelphia, PA 24 1210
University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL 26 1200
University of Arizona Tucson, AZ 24 1170
University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH 25 1210
University of North Texas Denton, TX 23 1170
University of Texas at Arlington Arlington, TX 23 1140
Washington State University Pullman, WA 23 1120

The Arizona State University acceptance rate makes an innovative school accessible to the masses and proves you don’t have to go to an extremely selective school to get a quality education. ASU’s admissions requirements and standardized test score requirements make it a competitive school without being exclusive. And if you need more schools like ASU to apply to, you now have a set of fourteen additional schools to investigate with your college consultant.

How do you feel about ASU? Do you have any other schools you think belong on my list of alternatives? Comment in the box below and let me know your thoughts!