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5 Bite-Sized Study Tips

1.Keep your study space clean

When your study space is in disorder, so is your brain. Make sure to clean your desk and study area before beginning any study session. That way you’ll remain 100% focused on the task at hand.

2.Get textbooks/resources/tools ready beforehand

Plan what you’re going to study and what you’re going to need, whether it be your classmate’s notes or your laptop and put them in one spot.

3.Actually Study

Pay attention to the study material in front of you. You’ll get to deal with whatever is on your mind later. Remember, if your thoughts are that important, they’ll come back later.

4.Motivate yourself!

Don’t rely on exterior sources of motivation to study. Try printing out inspirational photos and words that will positively influence you to keep on going, even when it's 3 in the morning and all you want to do it go to bed. Your own goals and aspirations will never let you down.

5.Keep active

When you’re beginning to feel completely unproductive while study, and you’ve got enough time, go for a quick walk or a run. Not only will you feel better from the improved blood circulation, but you’ll come back feeling refocused and energized.

It's the little things that amount to the greater whole. Keep these quick tips in mind when you're planning your next study session.

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