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3 Reasons To Learn A New Language

Skill Development

Learning a new language can be an invaluable skill. It can allow you to travel more freely around the world, connect with people you may otherwise have not, and improve your cognitive thinking skills.  Here are some advantages and applications of learning a second or third language:

  •     Better career options. Knowing another language can help make you an attractive employee for companies that require global networking. This will allow you to bridge the gap between different companies and can even allow you to be a resource for people in the U.S. who do not speak English.
  •     Brain Health. Numerous studies have shown that speaking another language has positive health benefits for your brain. For example, it can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  •     Travel. Knowing another language can allow you to feel more comfortable traveling to different countries. Your travel experience can be greatly enhanced because you will have a more nuanced understanding of the culture and the people because you understand their language!

So if you are debating on whether to pick up Spanish, French, or Chinese, think about all the doors that could open up if you did! Taking the time, as a young student, to work on improving your language skills will in no doubt come in handy as an adult!

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