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3 People Who Make Mom's Life Easier

One child needs a ride to ballet, and the other says he’s hungry. The dog is anxiously waiting by the side door to go potty, yet the laundry won’t do itself. Sound familiar? If you’re a busy mom with a lot on your plate, consider hiring outside help. Yes, these services can be quite pricey, but they don’t have to be. So if you’re looking to lighten your workload, I encourage you to shop around for at least one of the following:

1. A private tutor

Sometimes with multiple things competing for parents’ attention, they don’t have time to coach their child in-depth in the area she is struggling. But a tutor’s attention is not split. A tutor focuses solely on boosting the child’s academic performance for however long they are together, so moms can rest assured their child is getting the one-on-one attention she deserves.

Another great benefit of private tutoring is that many tutoring companies will send the tutor directly to the child’s home. This means parents gain back the time they would’ve spent driving their child to and from a learning center. It also means greater flexibility for moms. They don’t have to worry about inconvenient learning center hours – they can book the tutor whenever they want her, assuming she is available during that time.

Finally, tutors alleviate in-home tension. When students are struggling in a subject, they often become frustrated and stressed. When an empathetic mom tries to help her child, these emotions tend to rub off on her, too, creating an overall tense environment for both parent and child. But tutors are professionals who pride themselves on being level-headed and patient. They will be able to distance themselves enough from the stress and frustration in order to teach their student effectively.

2. A personal chef

If the last thing mom wants to do after a full day of work and chores is come home to cook a nutritious meal for her family, she may want to hire a personal chef. The culinary genius will plan the menu around the family’s precise specifications. Want meals to be 100% organic? No problem. Does the child have an allergy to shellfish? He will be more than happy to work around that. But not only does he plan the menu – he also buys the ingredients, cook the meals, packages them and cleans up after. Literally all parents would have to do is warm up the meals in the microwave. How awesome is that? Using personal chef services may save 10-12 hours of meal-related chores per week.

3. A personal assistant

A personal assistant can take care of all the minor chores so that parents can dedicate themselves to what’s truly important, such as family and their job. They can perform a host of activities from picking up the dry cleaning to booking a restaurant reservation, so moms can stress less and accomplish more. But for people who also double as small-business owners, they can also hire a personal assistant to do workforce-related tasks such as paperwork, filing and answering the phone.

Doing so will allow moms to play to their strengths and focus on what they’re best at: coming up with creative new business ideas.

While I can’t hook you up with a personal chef or qualified assistant, I can tell you where to get a top-notch tutor. Elite Private Tutors prides itself on making moms’ lives easier, so give them a call today.

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