Do What Makes YOU Happy

Do what you love. This is advice college undergrads hear all the time – because that little phrase packs a lot of punch. When you love something, your natural interest in the topic translates to enthusiasm and a willingness to invest more time in the area. Don’t know what you love? Don’t worry! As you dabble in college classes and clubs that initially spark your interest, you’ll quickly find yourself delving deeper into the subjects you’re most passionate about. You’ll find your niche in no time!

Keep It Real

While it’s good advice that it is important to be passionate about your career, reel in your expectations to align with reality. Your hopes of being a professional athlete could be lofty, but consider segueing that passion into an area such as sports medicine or broadcasting. And even if your dream job seems attainable, it’s doubtful you’ll rise to the top of your field right out the gate. You want to be the next great American author? You might have to write your share of press releases before ever getting published.

Be Forward-thinking

Prediction is an imperfect science – you never know what the future will hold after four years in college, but it’s good advice to look ahead. In conjunction with pursuing something you’re passionate about, it also helps to pick a career with potential to grow — especially in this current job market. The bottom line – it never hurts to be one step ahead of the game!

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