Hi Friend,

Wow – I got over 100 responses about test prep.

Here are some of the responses:

“Neha, my kid won’t open the book on their own, and you are so right, they hate the classes because it takes away from so much of what they are doing.” Rachel, mom of 2

“My kid psyched themselves out right before the test date and didn’t even take it. I wish I heard about this integrative approach earlier.” David, dad of 3

Look, I hate it when I hear this. The unfortunate part is that these types of classes or crash courses at high school are just a band aid approach.

Here are some great videos of parents – AND teenagers saying how much our test prep has changed their life: http://eliteprivatetutors.com/reviews/

Katie’s testimonial on the bottom: :10 “Before I was working with EPT, the SAT was scary…and now I am much more confident…now I know exactly how to take it on in portions and not get overwhelmed….my scores have gone up in every section”

Brett’s testimonial: :45 seconds “Before I worked with a tutor, I wasn’t grasping concepts well, I would go through material and couldn’t understand the problems…I was extremely unorganized..”

Michael, dad of 2 at 1:30 “If it is about my child’s education and getting the best out of the education, than price is no matter for me. Once we understood EPT and we made a connection, it was a no brainer to use them irrespective of the cost.”

If you are interested, please reach out and we can send you further information about our packages and how we can get you setup. With our cutting edge strategies and world-class use of technology, we can get that score up in no time.

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