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Hey everyone, it is Neha with college shortcuts. I hope you guys are doing well.

Today I want to talk about a very important important piece here that most people don’t realize. They honestly think that getting into the college of their dreams takes little to no effort. The problem I have with this is that anything that you do requires work, every time, every single time.

Today I want to talk about the three D’s to getting your dreams.

I want to talk to you guys about this because it’s so important. See so many times I hear from parents and this week has been a very intense week here at College Shortcuts. Our team has talked to over 100 parents on the phone for upwards of 15 to 20 minutes. We have been booking clients non-stop since its back-to-school.

I put my phone number below, call me maybe if you are looking for any help with your middle schooler or high schooler. Even if you have a student in college or are interested in going to other types of schools or transfer. We can absolutely help you in the process. If you need any of your essays edited. MBA law school, medicine school, or whatever it is that you guys have. We can actually work with you and help you with that.

Now that being said, I want to talk to you specifically about the three D’s that can get you into your dreams. No matter what your dream is by the way.

Your dream can be, I want a hot pink Lambo. It could be, I want an amazing amazing business. It could be, I really want to make sure that my partner is really happy with me. I want to make sure my kids are happy with me, our kids are healthy, or to be as simple as wanting to make sure your kid is getting to the college of their dreams. You know I’m all about the shortcut in getting in.

Say “hi” below, let me know what your city and state is, Neha founder of College Shortcuts would love to hear from you. Please type in, any question or any thought and I would love to know what grade your kid is in and what is your biggest headache because that’s the biggest question I have whenever I talk to parents.

Let’s talk about the three specific issues that people have when it comes to getting your dreams. Now I truly believe that to really achieve any dream, all it comes down to is choices, that’s it. The difference between a student who makes D’s, F’s, and C’s or goes to community college is literally the choices they make repetitively over time. In comparison to valedictorian A’s, B’s, and getting good test scores.

Now, yes a lot of people will say things like “oh but it has to do with your brain power and it has to do with how smart you are.” Actually the truth of the matter is if you have the following three D’s you can achieve anything you want in life. So let’s get to it.

Number one, the number one importance for any dream that you have is to have drive behind it.

Number one is drive.

Now you may have already noticed by watching my videos that I have more drive than anyone else in my entire industry. I am up 7 days a week. Sometimes I work out till midnight all the way to edit essays, make sure my teams are all in place. We’ve got a team of over 16 employees on our team.

I mean it’s an insane size that we are working with to make sure everyone that works with us is perfectly taken care of.

Because when a family works with us, we think of your kid as our kid.

We have a lot of drive behind why we do, what we do.

The second reason we have so much drive is because we are helping build a school in Kenya, this specific year.

Drive to me is the most attractive quality to any college applicant. The reason I say this is when students are applying to colleges, they’re going to look at how driven is this student and how they showcased their drive.

Let me tell you if you’re sitting across someone who’s not driven, not interested in anything, and doesn’t want to contribute in any form or fashion, let me tell you, it’s not attractive.

Drive is like what it’s all about. The second D to getting any of your dreams true. You got to have the drive in order to motivate yourself to do something right. To drive that fuel that as you know Shonda Rhimes says in her speech, the hum, the hum, the hum. I love that speech if you haven’t seen it.

The second thing is specifically to really have diligence, I have to say it, discipline around your dreams.

For example, let’s say your dream is to get into a top university or your child’s dream is to get into a top university. Well you’ve got to be disciplined around the choices you make over those next few years.

You know there’s already so many times where the kids going to be like “Hey, I want to go to this, missing school, or hey, this party is going on and not do my homework.” There’s so many opportunities to not be disciplined. I mean the world is full of them, okay.

Discipline to your drive and your dreams, is the key ingredient to anything. If you don’t have the discipline towards what is it you truly want and desire, you’re not going to get it.

I don’t care how smart you are. I don’t care how much potential your kid has to be a top student. If they don’t have a discipline around their dreams, you can kiss their dreams goodbye.

Discipline is what gets you from point A to point B, every time, no matter what the choices that you’re making. It’s about discipline.

The third part that’s the most important part out of all of it. Once you’ve got the drive you’ve got the discipline towards it.

The third one is dedication. How dedicated are you to your kid getting into a top college?

I’m going to ask that question again. How dedicated are you as a parent to making sure your child is making the right choices, right now, with the right team in place to make sure they get into a top school?

I wish that I could say that every 17 year old always has their best interests at heart, but when half of them are spending upwards of three hours on a cellular device, out of what we would consider maybe a 10 hour period, on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook etc.

You’ve got to really ask yourself how disciplined are they and how much dedication are they putting towards their dreams?

If you calculate it out all the time a child is spending on any form of a device and put that amount of time and involvement towards getting into an ivy or top school, by the way, they’d get it.

I’m here tell you that we are realizing that when three, they don’t have these three things, it’s very hard to get into a good school.

The last part to having drive, discipline, and dedication is all about having the right coach. I’ll tell you I was at my spin class this morning. I didn’t want to go. I walked in four minutes before and I didn’t even sit up. I was like whatever I get in. At the very end of class when I pushed all the way past my limit. The teacher comes up and puts her hands on my handlebars and she goes “Neha, go faster. Go faster.” I just powered through. I mean the kind of power you’re like “Whoa, where did that come from?”

See sometimes when you have that person that puts those three D’s in place, they hold you accountable. They make sure that discipline is happening and they build that muscle in your child so that you don’t even need the coach later on.

You know my biggest success stories are when I work with families that know that having a third party get involved in understanding that most children don’t listen to them every time. But having that person that can say “Hey this is your goal. I love that. Let’s see how we can make that happen.” They have us involved in our programs. We see results every single time.

I want to talk to you guys about three ways you guys can work with us. We’ve got academic tutoring where you can literally have a student who has drive, discipline, and dedication, get great grades.

We offer test prep. They are driven to do well on the test.

They need discipline and they need exactly what it is they need to study to really get the shortcut. Not study for two years at a time for that test. Really understand it well. My parents’ by the way, best intentions, made me study for the test for two years. It hurt. Instead you can do that in a set of hours and be done with it. Yes you can. It can be done.

The dedication, I’ve seen students increase their scores with coaches on our team upwards of five to eight points on the ACT. I’ve seen hundreds of points increase on the SAT.

So many people say “Oh, I’m a bad test taker.” I’m like “Really?” You know what I am so bad at going to the gym. I still go.

When your kid is like “Oh, I’m just not really good at test. It’s like really hard.” I’m like do you know what’s going to happen later on when their boss says, “Hey, and I need that report by Friday.”And like “I’m really bad at reports.” You got a kid in your basement saying “Sorry mom, I couldn’t figure out how to do it because I didn’t feel like doing it.”

Discipline is a big part of this whole process. Having someone by your side can make it a lot easier.

The third thing we do that I really enjoy is called peak performance. It’s where when families and awesome parents are really there helping their kids as much as they can, but realizing that having someone else who’s done it a thousand times, with a thousand kids can step in and be like “Hey, heads up, you’re doing this and that takes too much time. Let’s do this instead.”

Really give them the game plan and the guidance and be brutal about what their kid needs to be doing.

Really make sure the kid understands the importance of sales marketing to understand how to really push themselves to colleges. To understand and build their passion in their dreams and find them opportunities throughout from middle school to high school. That’s what our peak performance program is. Absolutely incredible!

I’m really excited I get to work with a kid who’s been on TV. I’m going to get to work with a kid that is interested in building schools in Africa. I’m like “Yo, let’s do this together.”

There’s nothing cooler than literally changing the future children of tomorrow. Like the kids that are going to be leaders. That to me is what fuels me every day.

The fourth way to really get your kids dreams happening is to hire our college consultant. Now I was talking to someone in my industry today and he said “Man, you know Neha there’s a lot of noise in your industry. There’s a lot of people using buzz words and they’re just like one-stop shops that are like trying to get things done for kids but they don’t really have a system to what they’re doing. You are the queen of college consulting when it comes to systems.” The truth of the matter is, I am.

I was an economics major at Rice University Economics Management and Policy Setting. I was a nerd. So three majors is the max you can do, and that was me.

For me, when I wanted to start this I realized okay what is the most effective way that I can make sure that I can make kids’ dreams a reality? I realize that having a team behind me of upwards of 40 people to really make our dreams happen. You know there’s upwards of 3.3 million high school students that are applying every single year to college. So many times kids are like “Oh I’m competing against a kid in my high school.” No, you’re competing against a kid in China that I work with. You’re competing with a kid in New York that’s parents are on top of everything. The kid in California who’s like already done a 10x speech.”

If you don’t understand the importance of getting the three D’s down. Drive, discipline, and dedication, there’s no way you can achieve any dream. I can boil this down to so many other things.

You know when people say things like “Oh, I really want to lose weight.” You know my sister is in the health industry, if you guys have seen my last video that I did with her where we interviewed her, it’s all a matter of choices and it’s all daily choices. Right, its like “Am I going to work out today or not? I’m going to eat breakfast healthy today or not? Am I going to eat spaced out amounts or not? Am I going to make sure that I track what I’m doing or not? I’m going to make sure I meditate and take moments to really decompress or not. Am I going to figure out how to deal my stress or not?”

Overlay this on what I’m talking about. Am I going to do my homework on time or not? Am I going to use a planner and understand when things are due or not? Am I going to start drafting my essays when the Profs come out or not? Am I going to make sure that I have someone by my side to really tell me how to do these things or not? Am I going to study for the SAT this weekend instead of partying with my friends or not? Or not!

I don’t know what your kids’ going to do. What I do know is that if you aren’t calling us at 713-401-2867 to at least have a discussion about how we can possibly shortcut this process to your kids’ dreams, you are not getting the advantage that all of the parents have been getting that call me nonstop.

I will tell you we are almost at over capacity for our event next week. We weren’t even expecting the level of attendance that we’re getting. People are driving in for my event here in Houston Texas. So if you’re concerned about you know soccer practice, and putting that in the calendar, oh you know when  are we going to do you know, oh I think the applications are due over here in December or whatever. Then believe it you’re competing with kids that have months of time ahead on your kid.

I wanted to talk about the three D’s today. It happened to me. I thought about it this morning. I was in class and I thought how can I hope to explain the importance of the choices we make daily. As parents you can choose to be a good parent. You can choose to be a bad parent. It’s up to you right, you know the days where your awesome parent and you feel great, you’re like “Wow, I really feel like we’re connected.” There’s days you feel like you’re not connected to your kid at all.

I’m here to tell you that the parents that work with us, they have a 98% success rate of feeling more deeply connected with their children than the ones that let their kids really stumble through high school. Stumble with what they have to deal with and attempts to get their dreams to happen.

The problem is this for a lot of parents, you know you don’t see the after effects, like I’ve done this for 12 years. I’ve seen the after effect where there’s 22 year olds that are living in their parents basement and appears are paying upwards of 20 to 30,000 thousand to support their lifestyle. They’ve got the unlimited credit card and they’re going to community college, and they’re still a sophomore. I mean that’s most parents’ biggest fear. What if my kid doesn’t become successful and end up in my basement? Can I tell you that’s a huge reality in the millennial generation?

There is a lot of people that didn’t take the time to learn what they wanted to do in life, what they’re passionate about, get a mentor, go to the right school with the right connections with the right network with the right inspirational teachers with the right right right right right. Then they end up taking jobs that don’t even pay the lifestyle that their parents actually provided, like there’s such an imbalance. They were never told like “Hey, you need to understand your parents really gave you a lot.”

If you want to sustain this you’re going to figure this out. So the three D’s- having the drive, having the discipline, and having the dedication.

Now if you want someone to shortcut that for you, as a parent, to help be your supporter in this entire experience; where this is how I look at it, two people two parents are right here right?

Two parents and then you have a kid, but sometimes this line of communication is broken. Their listening to half the information for half the time. They’re like in one ear out the other, in the other. If you have someone right here. Right here whose like “Hey, this line is very strong!” We see it over and over. It’s just how it is.

I want you to call me. It is now after hours at our office. If you call us and you don’t get us it’s because we’re dealing with so many calls that have been coming through, just in the last five days we’ve had over 25,000 video views on three videos posted.

Call me at 713-401-2867. I have account managers ready to talk with you about how you can invest in your child.

Now to get an ROI of 50 times more when it comes to their success in life, their happiness, their ability to be a contributor to society to want to give back to being an incredible human being. For me that’s why I do what I do every day.

Honestly, I want to make sure that kids are taken care of. I want to make sure they understand the road map to getting their dreams to come true because I truly do believe there’s a big difference between people that make right choices and wrong choices.

When you have teenagers that are in environments where they may not feel so supported to have someone that’s made a lot of right choices around them in any capacity, will absolutely change how they feel and think about who they are.

I have coaches on my own team that make sure that things are in place and everything is handled perfectly. We make sure that I have my own coach to keep my energy the way it needs to be.

To be as much of service as I can to each and every one of you. I mean I think about each and every one of you every morning and every night you know. Please comment below. Tell me what your grade kid is in. Give us your name, phone number, e-mail, or message it to us right now because we’re almost at capacity.

The most frustrating part for me is to say this to you because we are literally are trying to help as many kids as we can. Like I said 3.3 million were handling maybe a slight point 0.001 percent.

For me I want to really help because it is back-to-school and I know this is on your mind.

I hope you’re having an amazing amazing day.

I love each and every one of you.

If you haven’t heard of me before, my name is Neha Gupta, I’m the founder of College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors and please sign up at for our newsletter. We literally send out incredible information every single day to parents and we update you on what’s really happening in the industry of college admissions.

I hope you have an awesome day, and again the three D’s to getting your kid into the college of their dreams are drive, discipline, and dedication.