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Why Neha

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I help students get into the college of their dreams and succeed.

You are a smart, successful, parent who has the friends, the job, and the home life nailed. But there is one glaring piece missing in your life – knowing the skills to get your kid into college.

You are stressed about this process and so are the moms around you.

You are busy and wish you could simply get your kid into a top college and check this off your list.

You feel like you are late in the game. You feel pressure around the process, and are unsure where to turn next.

And in the end, you just want your child to be happy.

Whether you've been asking your friends about college advice, trying to schedule meetings with college counselors at your school, or researching the internet - you are in the right place.

You can see for yourself through my blogs, owning Elite Private Tutors, and YouTube channel that I am not like most counselors out there - vague, admissions readers from over 15 years ago, and the types that your teenagers don't really care to listen to or relate with. I believe that getting your child into the college of their dreams is easy when you get the latest insider secrets you need.

You may be unsure of this, but I am going to help your child get there, step by step. Because when your child is sure of the process, they will feel CONFIDENT in their essays, resume, and applications. And in the end, colleges will be lucky to have them.

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My drama filled college process experience

I can say from personal experience that experiencing the college process myself was painful even as a top student.

I would bring home 96’s on tests, and while all my other friends in class were celebrating at Ben and Jerry’s, my parents would sit me down at the kitchen table and ask me what happened to the other 4 points. I felt like a complete failure. When I would answer that I still did better than the other kids, her response was, “Am I raising those kids?”

I was trying my best, and it felt that my best was never good enough. I continually tried to live up to their expectations and make them proud of me.

When it came time to start the college admissions process, you can only imagine what had happened next. My parents had already been through it once with my sister. And my sister was always perfect - she was always ready for school five minutes early and nothing I ever did could live up to the standards she set. My mom felt she already knew everything about the college process- after all my sister was in her first year at Babson College, the number one college for entrepreneurship in the country.

But in reality, this is not how it went down with me.

I remember walking into the college counselors office like it was yesterday. It was January of my junior year, and I still remember how hard and uncomfortable those chairs were, sandwiched between my mom and dad. Consistently looking for their reactions on either side of me, I was completely out of my element and could see my parents were stressed out.

I thought I had it nailed.

I was an all honors and AP student. I was president of five student organizations. I was involved in the community. I never hung out with my friends unless we were studying together. My focus was on doing anything and everything that would help me get into college. This is how my parents measured success, and so it ultimately became my measure of success.

So my college counselor opened her mouth, and I couldn’t believe what she said. They were words I never expected to hear. She took my list of dream schools and said, “these are all reach schools. You may not get in anywhere.” My heart fell into the pit of my stomach. I thought the world was going to end. All I heard was I am not good enough. And, I didn’t get it. I had done anything anyone asked me to do, and given up so much fun time to study. Why wasn’t it working?

All of my hard work was going to go down the drain.

In one single sentence, my college counselor crushed my self-esteem. My parents looked at me in disbelief and gave me that disappointing look, the same one whenever I brought a 96 home.

Looking back, the entire process was stressful. I was young. Every memory I had even during college visits still live with me. I felt lost at some campuses, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with my life, and the entire process brought tension into my parents’ lives.

I know what it takes to GET INTO a top college after getting accepted to top Ivy's, state schools, and private universities, and I am so excited you are here. 95% of my students have gotten into their top three choices.


Professional Bio

America's Number One College Consultant, Neha Gupta has worked with thousands of parents who want the best for their child but are unsure of the constant changes of the college admissions process.

Quickly becoming the leading expert in College Consulting, Neha has been coined a cross between an Ivy League admissions reader and Oprah because of her practical-meets-down to earth methodology.

The result of a tiger mom, her no-nonsense approach helps students dive beneath the surface of superficial application answers and express their unique story and stand out in the crowd. Ultimately, they get into the college of their dreams, and get the education they deserve.

Neha's signature course is called College Shortcuts. Hundreds of students have participated in and began their journey towards getting into the college of their dreams. She has also created shorter courses such as: Essay Shortcuts, Resume Shortcuts, Scholarship Shortcuts, Interview Shortcuts, How To Pick Your Major, and more.

A regular media contributor, Neha has been featured in the Washington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Vanity Fair, Parents Magazine, Houston Chronicle and more.

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