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Why Are Seniors Stalling?

College Admissions

The blog post below is a rough transcription of the video above – so please listen to the video if possible – otherwise, here is what was in the video:

Hey everyone it is Neha with College Shortcuts. I hope you’re having an amazing day.

I had to do this funny video because I just got off the phone with four different senior parents.

Two of them booked they were like "Okay, sounds great talk to my kid" like totally doing college consulting, it's awesome.

The other two were like “Oh, I still have to think about."

If you have a senior in your house, and you have literally like not made a decision, let me tell you something you're in big freakin’ trouble.

Most of the parents that I'm calling and talking with, that have talked with a team member, that have figured it out - they've already booked with us, so we only have two slots left.

I'm here to tell you that we book in advance.

If you think about it, your kid wants to be on the football team. It's not like you just sign up the day before the game and you're like "Hey, my kid wants to be the quarterback, can you make that happen, please, because you know it's the day before the game, and well they haven't really done a lot of practice and they haven't really done any work that they were supposed to do, but can you make that happen for them?"

No guys, that never happens.

For Indian dancing for example you want to do your Arangathem or whatever it is that you want to do. You don't just go in there and do your Arangathem. You've been practicing year-after-year-after year to get that ready. You already booked that event space. You know what you're doing. You sent the invitations out. The same works in the college admissions process.

If you are a senior or if you have a friend that's done jack crap about the college admissions process, I'm just telling you that you are so behind in the game, you just don't even know. It is really painful for me to watch.

I was talking to a parent last week who said "Yes, we want to work with you. My kid is amazing." As a parent out of California, one of us competitive neighborhoods, she goes "Yes, you know with my oldest son he got a 34 on the ACT. He had a 4.8 on his GPA. He waited until the last minute to apply. The website crashed and he applied January 2nd and he got into only one school. It was a public university. He didn't get into any of the private 18 different schools he applied to."

I was like "Were you surprised?" She goes "Well yeah, I thought they'd understand that the website crashed" I said they don't care, like at all. They don't care about anything.

It really looks bad, because it just goes to show their procrastinating in class. They'll probably procrastinating on the papers. They procrastinate on everything. So really that's your first impression? They're not interested.

She'd called us to book with us because she has a second kid and she goes "I'm not doing this again, like I don't want to be doing this with my kid, making my second one suffer because I was a parent who didn't know what I was doing. I didn't do it the right way."

I just wanted to at least tell you today's been an incredible day talking with parents. Call us below.

Make sure to call us below at 713-401-2867 if you want help in college admissions.

We are still alive and well.

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