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University of Chicago Acceptance Rate

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Infamous for its gargoyles and an academic intensity unprecedented for a school outside of the Ivy League, the University of Chicago has produced presidents and prime ministers from countries like Bolivia and El Salvador to Poland and New Zealand. With this legacy for greatness, it’s a competitive, but unusual school that at one time used to send postcards for high school juniors to color or draw on and send back. Let’s take a closer look at the University of Chicago acceptance rate and what you can do to increase your chances of being accepted.

What is the University of Chicago Acceptance Rate?

The University of Chicago acceptance rate is 7.9%, having dropped from its previous 8.4%. The declining acceptance rate is no surprise if you step back and look at other colleges across the country. Increasing competitiveness is the new black in terms of college admissions. This lower University of Chicago acceptance rate puts it in line with Ivy League schools like Stanford and Yale and other elite schools like M.I.T. And when you look at the averages these students are pulling in, you can see they’re from the top of the academic game:

  •    Average SAT score is 1540 on the 1600 scale
  •    Average ACT score is 34
  •    Average GPA is 4.23

If you had no more information than this, you’d be able to tell that the University of Chicago acceptance rate is just as challenging to join as the Ivy League and elite schools in this country. Between that and rumors that midterms reduce some students to tears, it’s probably tempting to cross this school off your list in a hurry and move on. But…

But before you do, I want you to consider the fact that the University of Chicago produces some of the most forward thinkers, including 20 Nobel laureates and 16 Pulitzer Prize winners.

Do I have your attention now?


Keep reading for my suggestions on how to prepare yourself for academic life on at the University of Chicago and get your application in the best shape possible for you to stand out.

Improve Your Chances of Being Accepted

The University of Chicago acceptance rate of 7.9% means there are plenty of ways for you to polish up your high school academics while you prepare your application. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not there yet. You can walk away today with a to-do list to help boost your chances of being noticed and accepted.

Partner with College Consultant

Given how stressful applying to colleges can be, I strongly encourage you to find a college consultant and keep them by your side while you apply to colleges. If you’re never heard of them before, don’t be surprised. College consultants help high school students wade through the increasingly difficult application process.

Flaunt How Excited You Are About College

That higher GPA average I mentioned and University of Chicago’s reputation for extra rigorous classes means you should prepare yourself by taking all the AP and IB classes you can and working with a tutor to help you grasp the information. Also take this time to form strong bonds with your teachers, because these are the hallmark of the University of Chicago’s dialogue-centered class setup. Showing how dedicated you are to your coursework will help your application stand out.

Rock Those Standardized Test Scores

The average ACT and SAT scores very close to being perfect. You already know that means you’ll need to do some hardcore prep to ensure you’re ready to blow the University of Chicago out of the water with your test scores. Follow these steps to really get the best scores you can:

  •    Take the Pre-ACT and the PSAT. These are practice tests you take in simulated test conditions. Review your scores and stick with the test you performed best in.
  •    Compare the average University of Chicago scores with your scores and figure out what you need to do to get yourself there. Treat those average scores like they’re your minimum requirement for applying.
  •    Practice, practice some more, keep practicing with online tests and test prep books.
  •    Connect with a coach who scored very high on the test you’re preparing for and learn everything you can from them.
  •    Don’t be afraid to re-take the tests. The University of Chicago superscores both the ACT and SAT, meaning they create your optimum composite score by combining your best scores from each subsection even if they’re from different sittings. You benefit from taking these tests multiple times.

Show Off Your Passions

No one wants to be more anxious and depressed, but that’s exactly what happens if you don’t break away from studying and have some fun. Don’t hit the mall with your friends just yet. Did you know you can take a break from studies, flex your leadership abilities, and make your college application look amazing? Extra-curriculars show the admissions committees your personality. Whether you’re writing a book blog, fostering animals for a rescue group, playing a sport or starting a club that focuses on community service, you can have fun and take a break from homework without jeopardizing your chances with the University of Chicago. If anything, they’ll be more excited to see what gets you excited.

The University of Chicago acceptance rate is 7.9% and it will continue to be one of the most intellectually stimulating colleges in the country. With its impressive gargoyles and competitive admissions in an ideal location, being accepted there is worth the effort. Remember to work hard on your test prep and classes, do something fun, and work with coaches and tutors to ensure you’re on the right track to being noticed by the University of Chicago.

So what do you think about the University of Chicago? Do you have any questions about the application process or what more you can do to boost your chances with them? Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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