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The Importance of Reviewing Homework

Editing and reviewing your homework after completing it is very important. Most people will edit an essay, because this is customary and a lot of the times is done in class with peer editing. Teachers always encourage students to edit essays, but editing and reviewing other homework is rarely mentioned. It’s very seldom for a student to review his or her math homework after completing it. Most of the time, the student finishes the homework and then tucks it away in their binder or backpack until they turn it in. However, reviewing your homework is extremely important to learning, and it is one essential tool you can use as a student to better learn the subject.

If there is time, you should also try to review daily homework assignments, even for subjects like math and chemistry. There are certain occasions when there is no time and you are struggling to just finish the assignments. However, if there’s some downtime, review your homework before they are due. This is especially important if you completed it days in advance. You don’t want to forget the material by turning in the homework and then having to relearn everything the day before the exam. Reviewing what you’ve done will keep the information fresh in your mind so that at most you will have to review the concepts and then do some practice when exam time comes around. This will result in retaining information better for long term use.

So, even the night before your homework is due, if you have it completed, go through a few problems and say the steps in your head. Pick out two to three questions and redo them. This only takes about 5-10 minutes and can save you massive amounts of time from having to relearn the material in the future. If you have started to forget the material already, go back and review your notes or your textbook and then pick out a few more problems to do. It’s much easier to relearn material now, little by little, than to learn an entire chapter or multiple chapters’ worth of material the night before a test.

Reviewing homework will save you time, energy, and most importantly, stress, which can be a huge, unnecessary burden for you as a student.

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