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A Special Video For You - Take One Step For Your Child

The blog post below is a rough transcription of the video above – so please listen to the video if possible – otherwise, here is what was on the video:

Hey guys. Oh my god I'm so excited. This year has been so crazy for me, you have no idea.

I have literally doubled my business just in this year. We're growing at an insanely fast pace and we're helping a ton of families in the United States. Now look, it has been a lot of fun, but it's been a lot of work.

But here's the not-so-good news. It's really hard for me to believe that there are literally thousands of parents who are procrastinating, right now, instead of taking action. I mean look this is a one-time investment into your kid's future. So it's really shocking to me when you are taking action in this way.

I know my team and I who have heard pretty much every excuse in the playbook. But look I can't tell you how many times that I speak with a mother or a father who's just scared to make an investment. Just because they're weighing the cost out and they feel like it's too much. But to me that's completely insane.

You know it's even more insane guys, other parents, that I know you know, the parents that are on the fence type. I'm sure you know those types that sit on the fence, trying to make a decision. They actually love it when we hound them. I'm not sure, why but they absolutely love it.

The thing about it is these fence sitters are the parents that love me the most out of all parents. They love the fact that I care so much.

I've made this video specifically because I want to make sure that my team can really send this out to you.

I know there are a bunch of parents that are right now sitting on that fence. Weighing out the options if they should make this type of investment with my company. I can tell you this right now.

Your son or daughter's college education is one of the most single important investments of your life as a parent.

You shouldn't wait another minute to move forward in this.

Look I wouldn't be sending this to you right now, taking this time, unless I felt this important about it, because I believe with a 100% certainty that this is the investment that you need to be making right now for your child.

If you are sitting there and you're still wondering. I want you to do one thing for me.

One. Okay? very easy! If you can give me four minutes of your time I would love it. I want you do one thing. I want you to pick up the phone. Yeah right here, pick up your phone. I want you to dial my phone number. Go to keypad and you're going to dial 713-401-2867 and hit that call button.

You're going to call my company because my team is going to make sure you are looked after.

Go ahead right now as you're watching this video. Dial in 713-401-2867 so that my team can make sure you are taken care of.

Because any child that works with us becomes our children. You become part of our family.

I can tell you right now there are thousands of parents all over North America that are going to be watching this video. The ones that take action, are the ones that are going to be very happy in the end.

I'm not going to ask you again. I want you to go ahead and pick up that phone. Give my team a call. We're going to make sure you're looked after.

I wish you and your family all the best in life and all the success in their academic career and in the college application process. As always my team will always be here to look after you. So please make sure to give us a call pick up that phone and call us at 713-401-2867.

This is the only action I am asking of you right now for your child because I want to see them get into the college of their dreams. Have an amazing day!