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Notre Dame Acceptance Rate

If you’re looking to become a Leprechaun, one of the first things you need to know is what is the Notre Dame acceptance rate and what you need to do be accepted. College admissions is becoming more and more demanding every year, meaning universities like Notre Dame are accepting less and less students each year. So what is Notre Dame’s acceptance rate?

What is the Notre Dame Acceptance Rate?

Notre Dame’s acceptance rate is 18.3%, meaning of the 19,505 applications received, only 3,655 were accepted. At first glance, that doesn’t seem so bad! Compared to many universities its size, Notre Dame’s applicant pool is relatively small. When you take a closer look at the statistics from their group of accepted students, you can see just how competitive it is to be part of Notre Dame’s acceptance rate:

  •    94% are ranked in the top 10% of their high school class
  •    48% are ranked in the top 1% of their high school class
  •    Average SAT score on the 2400 scale is 1460
  •    Average SAT score on the 1600 scale is 1490
  •    Average ACT score is 34

Needless to say, Notre Dame is competitive, but it’s also a school that cares about its potential students and wants to get to know them during the application process. There are high school academic requirements depending on which college you plan to enter. Review those carefully to make sure you’re on track.

Increase Your Chances of Notre Dame Acceptance

I mentioned already that college competitiveness increases every year and you can see this as acceptance rates decrease. Notre Dame’s acceptance rate is no exception, having gone from 22% to 18.3% this year. Ranked number 15 in the country, Notre Dame’s academic rigor and reputation make vying for admission worth it. So what can you do to increase your chances of being accepted into the University of Notre Dame?

Show Notre Dame You’re Serious About College

Notre Dame’s accepted students have an average GPA of 4.2 so I suggest you ditch regular classes and pack your schedule with all the AP and IB classes as you can handle. Get as many A’s as you can, work with a tutor to make sure you understand the course material as thoroughly as possible, and develop strong relationships with your teachers. Your AP and IB classes can boost your GPA while showing Notre Dame that you’re ready to kick butt in your college classes. Developing relationships with your teachers also means you can confidently ask them for letters of recommendation for your application.

Flaunt Your Passions

When reviewing applications, Notre Dame wants to see that you’re doing more with your life than chaining yourself to a desk. Make sure you’re involved in your school and community, showing that you’re interested in more than just textbooks. Besides looking good on your college application to Notre Dame, you’ll also get a break from too much studying. Working as hard as you are to be accepted into one of the top 20 schools in the country means you’ll be needing a break. Plus volunteering means you’ll be able to develop relationships in your community and flex your leadership skills.

Find a College Consultant and Keep Them Close

When you’re applying to colleges in the league of Notre Dame, it helps to have someone who’s experienced at applying to and getting noticed by elite admissions committees. Find a college consultant you can trust with your future and use them! They’re there to take the mystery and stress out of applying for colleges for you and your family. College consultants also help you identify what colleges you can apply to and be admitted to easily, as well as what you need to do to make yourself more appealing to admissions committees.

Rock Your ACT or SAT

As stressful as adding the ACT or SAT to everything else you have going on in high school, they’re regrettably necessary. These standardized tests are used to measure your college readiness. Not just for testing knowledge, college admissions teams rely on the ACT and SAT results to tell them how well you can think critically, your ability to back up your arguments with evidence from material you’ve read, and how well you problem solve. These tests are another chance for you to show Notre Dame that you're a perfect fit for their university.

  •    Take the Pre-ACT and the PSAT. These tests are designed to be official practice tests, allowing you see how you perform on these tests without their scores affecting your chances with colleges. When you figure out which one you score best on, focus your efforts on that test.
  •    Look at what you scored and look at the Notre Dame averages. Those averages need to be your goals when you’re taking whichever test you’ve chosen to focus on. Of course, getting a higher score is always a good idea, but look at the averages as your bare minimum.
  •    Practice. Re-taking the Pre-ACT or PSAT is not necessary, but you do need to practice these tests as much as possible. There are plenty of tests available online or in test prep books that you can use.
  •    Find someone who scored very high on your preferred test and is willing to work with you. Doing this means you’re learning from one of the best and have someone to coach you through the more stressful parts of prepping for theses standardized tests.
  •    Take them multiple times. Notre Dame super-scores your SAT, meaning they will create your best composite score from your best section scores, even if you took them at different times. Taking them more than once means you have more than one chance to get a better score.

Notre Dame is a competitive Catholic school with tons of pride and challenging academics. Although its acceptance rate is below 20% and will more than likely decrease in the coming years, you are definitely in a position to increase your chances of becoming a Leprechaun. Make sure to have an amazing GPA, show off your passions, rock your standardized tests, and work with a college consultant to ensure you’re doing everything you can to impress Notre Dame.

Did you graduate from Notre Dame or are you currently attending? What are you most nervous about with your college application? Comment below and let us know. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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