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Ivy League - Admissions Are Easy!

College Admissions

Alright trying to go live on, orientation is locked on my YouTube. Well let me take a look here and make sure this is done right. Hello everybody this is Neha with College Shortcuts. I hope you're having an incredible incredible day. What I want to do here is talk to you a little bit about admissions and how easy it actually can be to get into your dream school. Because for me my goal is to make sure that you are getting into the college of your dreams. If you're a parent that you are helping to make sure your child has all their dreams come true. So, I'm going to go ahead and put a little link below here, real quick. For everyone on YouTube just type in "Yes" and remember this is a live video that we're doing here today. So alright here we go. So, one of the things I want you guys to know is it has been incredibly exciting here at College Shortcuts. It is so hard to get these little technical challenges together and it looks like pretty good. Okay, so what I want to talk about here today is that getting into an Ivy League is actually not that hard. You know yes you can say the admissions rates are 5 to 8 percent acceptance but what most parents don't realize is that in reality getting into the college of your dreams isn't hard if you are a qualified candidate. That's the big thing people forget is that qualified candidates are actually hard to find. This is why you know these admissions rates look so crazy. Why they look so weird and so little when they're like 5, 6, 7 percent. But the thing about it is actually in reality they're throwing out like 80 percent of those applications because they don't qualify. They don't meet the standards that are required. They don't hit the goals at what they're asking for that college. So, in reality you actually only competing with maybe 20 or 15 or even 10 percent of those applications. So, within that 10 percent that is where the what I call the sweet spot is. Now, I know that a lot of you want to go into top schools. That is exactly why I am here today to talk about this and I'm really excited to let you know we have been so busy here College Shortcuts. Taking on our next round of parents and students for this school year. There were actually only opening up 100 slots. We've already built out a list. It's unbelievable. We've got incredible families that are already part of our program. I put the link below, if you're on Facebook the link is right there. If you're wanting to click and get a call from one of my account managers. So, this is the time to click on that because come in the next few months we are going to be closing our entire program for the year. So, if you're on and you're watching I want you to say "Ji". Please say "Hi". This is live! I'm so excited reporting live to you guys. Let me get into my tips regarding the college admissions process when it comes to Ivy Leagues. Okay, so one of the things I want you guys to know is that getting into an Ivy League doesn't have to be that challenging. I'll tell you why. You know all of us are trying to get our kids to do certain things right. Like you know it's trying to stuff the resume or try to make them do all these kinds of things. Thinking it actually matters in the college admissions process. But the reality is it's not about stuffing the resume. Right. Like for example let's say you go to a Chinese restaurant and they give you a dish of mixed vegetables and it's all carrots and cabbage in only two pieces of like a protein and broccoli. You'd probably send that back right. That's not something you want. So, the whole point is you really want to make sure that you're filling that resume with a lot more than cabbage and carrots is by the best way to say. You may not know this but I love to eat Chinese food. So, the big thing about it is, it's about finding the quality things that will look incredible on that resume and really make your kids stand out. There's also certain profiles of students that tend to be the same. Now I'll just speak from experience you know being South Asian. If anyone wants to comment below, guess what the typical profession is that most South Asian students are wanting to apply for to college. Go ahead and comment below. Let me know what you think is a little poll here. Hi Vandita! Nice to see you. Such cute photos of your family in there. Everyone that's on, I know you're viewing so please go ahead and comment below to say hi to me or like the video or share it or send me a little heart. I love those so yeah, asking a quick question. So South Asians just you know tend to apply with a certain major that they're looking for. If you know what it is comment below. I'm going to keep going until I see a comment here about it and sometimes there's a little bit of a delay with all the viewers because there's so much tech going on. But the thing about it is, is how are you going to make your kid look different than the kid next to them. It's the same as the job market right. Like what's going to make you stand out compared to the other candidate. So, when we're looking at the admissions of Ivy Leagues people think it's just like crazy equation or it's really like you know no one has any idea. It's like a crapshoot. It's like a lottery and that's actually not true. You know I did interviews at Stanford, at Harvard, at Yale, at Princeton, at MIT and there's a certain what I would say flavor at every school. Right, that's one thing to notice and so they tend to attract a certain type of candidate. I going to go long if you guys comment and send me little hearts and love, like the video. Hit like button. My thumb's really, I don't have a hitchhiker. Unfortunately, I had one of those like just normal straight thumbs. Like the video and share it. I would love that! So, like I was saying each college has a flavor to their university. The big problem with that is most students apply blanket to every college. So, imagine for example let's say you are trying to get a job. Okay and you're on and you just hit the check box for every single application that you can. You send the exact same thing to everybody. Well just so you know on the other side if someone who goes through about 12 hundred resumes to hire a coach on my team. I can tell if someone took the time to make their application a little different or if I'm just getting an applicant that's like not even qualified. Doesn't even read the instructions like what my requirements are. I will tell you that literally I only hire maybe 5 percent not even one even actually. Like point one percent. Now, that I think about them out of who we actually hire based on their resumes. So yes, there are going to be students that are qualified that should have gotten in. I'm not going to sugarcoat that part. Yes, that does happen. But there are certain things you can do when you're applying to a top college that will make all the difference in the application. That makes your kid stand out over the next one. Oh, we've got some more hello. Hi Noreen! Hi Anna Nice to see you. Oh my god! So glad to have you guys on. This is the live video. This is Neha Gupta founder of College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors. I am here to talk to you guys about the importance of getting into an Ivy League. If that is your dream and how it's actually pretty easy if you know what you're doing. Of course, I put my link below. We're offering an incredible early bird discount to our programs. Once we get our first 100 families. We're closing down for the year. So, we're really excited about that and I've included a link on the Facebook below. If you're on YouTube you just comment and we will send that link to you. So, let me explain to you guys about what it is that makes students get into Ivy Leagues. Because just this year we got students into every single Ivy League college. Actually, if you look at my Facebook page. I actually got to interview a student who is very shy and didn't want to be interviewed but she really wanted to make sure parents knew how helpful it was. To truly have it like a college consultant help her with the process. I remember when I started with her I said look "You're such a Rockstar". I really feel like we need to get you on video. She was really shy but she loved it. She really felt excited about it when she did it and even afterwards she shared it with a lot of her friends because she wanted people to know that we really care about kids. You know when you work with us. It's kind of like your kid becomes my little baby. So, I want to make sure everything happens exactly right and perfect. Totally, you know what I'm talking about moms. Any moms in the house and you know what I'm talking about when they're like "It to be done right!" That's me. I know some kind of like a mother hen and I have you know hundreds of teens just you know think about what that would be like if had hundreds of teens. But that's my world and that's what I love to do is to make moms lives easier every single day. So nice to see you Ronnie. Oh my gosh it's the name of my cousin. Hey Ronnie nice to see you. All I want you guys to know is that getting into an Ivy League is actually not that hard. What it requires is really making sure that you are. How do I say this easily? The big thing that we see every single time with families that do get into schools like Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard is that there was a strategy in place starting pretty early. I would love for you to comment below just so I could do a little pulse out there. What grade is your kid in? Just curious here. I want to know what grade your child is in just type in below. Because I think one of the biggest issues that we see in the college admissions process is starting later. I will tell you that it's something that you may not like to hear. It's my job to speak the truth and be honest that's my goal for 2018 as be as authentic and real with you guys about what happened in the last year and what happens in this industry. I think you should know. I will tell you that a hundred percent of college counselors at school. The school your kid goes to doesn't care really in all honesty if your kid gets into a top college. Just soak that in for a second I'll tell you why that is. I am not hating on college counselors. I going to explain to you why that is, why it doesn't matter to them. Now, again I asked you guys remember this is a live video. So please type in, what grade your kid is in? I just want to know. Alright! So, 100 percent of college counselors at school that have been there for a while. They actually don't care what grade. I mean what college your kid goes to. I'll tell you why, the average high school has 500. Let's say 500 in a grade. It doesn't matter to them if little Johnny or little Sheila or little Anna or Ronnie got into specific colleges. It just doesn't matter to them because in all honesty they just want one or two or a few kids to get in. So, they have bragging rights for the next group of ninth graders that are applying to college. So, that all they actually care about is "Oh we got kids into these specific colleges but they don't actually care if it's your kid in particular that's why it's so important to have a strategy. What a lot of families don't know is that we have been launching a new program called the family plan. You have to click on the link below to learn more about it. To get on the phone with us because only certain families will actually qualify for this program. What it is we start early like seventh and eighth grade with students. I see Shivalila has a seventh grader. Ronnie has an eighth grader. So, these are huge. Sharon also with 11th grade. Anything earlier than you know what I would call senior year where we're getting deep into the admissions process. Our family plan is really focused on giving students that strategy. So, for example, I'm really excited and working with this really wonderful student. She's super sweet, she's an eighth grader, she's so passionate about all these little things and she does great in school. But you know she's getting some grades. She needs some help in having me as her mentor as someone by her side to be able to tell her the strategy, what needs to be done. While at the same time and this is the big difference guys. A big difference between! Gladys has an 11th grader and a 6th grader. Wow! Full House guys, full house. Oh, my goodness. You should have a gold every day Gladys. I mean seriously that's a lot of work. Okay, so let me explain to you why it's so great to have a mentor. First of all, it helps to give them a little perspective. So, the last time I checked it starting it at about the age 3. The word "No" becomes a kid's favorite word. So, as a parent you're trying to be like "Hey you got to do this, you got to do that. You got to do this." They're like everything you say I'm going to do the opposite. That kind of sucks. By the way because you took time to make the kid and birth it and now it doesn't listen to you at all. Well, if your goal is to make sure your kid is happy, healthy and really has a team around them. You have to realize we came from cultures before. At least my culture, Indian culture where we had a lot of people around us. You know we're now here. It's very isolating. So, you're kind of the only mentor is that maybe a teacher and maybe a counselor at school that sees him once a semester. That's not enough. That's just not enough. So, with our family planning we are offering mentorship. We are offering ways to find children's passions early on. I'll tell you why. So, I'll tell you a little story, ladies. Ladies will understand that. I was getting my underarms waxed. Yes, I do that. I know it's a little personal. The lady and I were talking, you know I hadn't met her yet. I said "Tell me a little bit about you. I'm always curious whenever I meet somebody." I mean I've met incredible people no matter where I am. So, anyway so I'm talking with her and I said "Oh so you know how did you get into this. Why did you want to go into waxing? Just curious." She goes "Well, I was in high school and then I went to college and I don't know what to major in. I didn't know what to do really and so I just majored in sociology. I actually didn't even think about what I was supposed to be doing because I was a teenager and I didn't really know and so I graduated college I couldn't find a job. I couldn't pay my bills. I was in debt, I didn't know what to do." I was like I just looked at her I thought to myself My god if I could have had my hands on this person like 15 years ago. We could have changed the trajectory of her entire life. She goes "So, I went to you know I moved to a new city. I went to Esthetician School and now I do waxing for a living. You know I like to skin and beauty and so you know it's great but you know I just didn't know what to do. I felt like you know you have to have like a leg in or a connection to get a job that you want sociology." It was interesting to me because I thought to myself, wow that's so frustrating that like you know she believed that she needed a connection. To follow her passion that she didn't have the network or she didn't have the skills or the tools of being able to ask and to know those things. That's what mentors do. They give you the shortcut. Yes, there's work involved guys there's no shortcut. Right, I know I have the word "shortcut" here. There are shortcuts in the sense of knowing what to do but there's still work to be done with the shortcut. I'll show you a great example. I was on the treadmill yesterday. Yep, I'm sure you can see I look great today. I was on the treadmill yesterday and I looked over. This lady is much more fit than me, was on the treadmill. I was burning calories faster than her because of the way I had my incline on my treadmill. She's been pounding and pounding at running. Trying to get you know a good burn, shortcut by someone that knows better. So, I have somebody that's helping me with that goal big big time this year. You guys want to see my transformation. But I just want you to know that getting a coach, getting a mentor. That's the new thing, that's a new thing! I've got YouTube going here. I've got Facebook live going here. I want you guys to comment below. Let me know what's going on with you. I want to know what's going on in your heart for your kids. What are your stresses? How can I make your life easier? This is 20 18 and we're going to serve. By the time that I am dead, I want to serve at least a minimum of a million students per year. That's how fast we are going to grow guys. We're doing live events this year. We're doing amazing things so I've put a link below on our Facebook Live. Definitely click on it. Let me take a look here and see my phone. Okay wow! We've got a lot of sign ups on that. So, we guys okay We've got Jenny from Idaho. Pretty cool! Let's take a look here. We got Laura from Kentucky. Nice to see you. Awesome! Very cool! Okay we got Shannon from Florida. Amazing, alright then we've got Shivs from Connecticut. Okay great! So, a lot of people are signing up which is amazing and that's why I do these videos I want you to remember and keep a pulse on the fact that the college admissions process starts in like 7th grade. Seventh grade which sounds nuts to most parents but it is around seventh or eighth grade that you know that's when those families are really getting involved in the process. They get mentors and I'll tell you a great example. Tim Ferris who has had a New York Times best seller every time he launches a book. Just wrote out a book that was like 700 pages called "Tribe of Mentors". I love Tim Ferris, great guy. You know I have a lot of friends that are friends with him. He does incredible work but he talks about how at the age of 40. He wanted to share all of the mentorship that he learned and how he got into top schools. He went to a top college as well and so I think it's really important for people to understand that mentors are a big part of this process. You know I love that Ronnie's that I teach at an international school here. I know what you mean from a school's perspective as well. Ronnie totally right. I love schools. My family owns a school. My grandparents in India started the university to get free education to women. So, I'm not bashing the education system guys that's why I do what I do every day. It's my lineage and ancestral lineage. Yeah, I think it's how you say it right? So, it's my ancestry from like generations before that all loved education. That's why I exist now and you know why I do what I do. I still, I'm part of that family and I love what they do and I really stand for it. My dad always said education is your golden ticket Neha. I truly believe that you know what I really want you guys to know that getting in can be easy. Isn't it more fun when you think things are easy. You know for a long time I used to say things like "I can't do it. It's too hard. There's no way. Or they're better than me." I had all these excuses towards my goals of what I truly desired and wanted. To me that's honestly BS. Like you should get everything you want that you want for your family and your child. I'm sorry but like you took a lot of time to birth that kid. If you want them to have an incredible life definitely reach out to me because I want you to have an incredible life too. I don't want you to feel stress at home over grades. I don't want you to feel stress from test prep. There's actually doesn't need to be stressed around this process. We've got a sure fire formula that works every single time. So, make sure to click the link below that it's right under the video. Let me see if I can reach type it in. Right here for you guys I know you guys are commenting, my amazing people. It looks like Renica and Ronnie know each other. That is so cool. I love it when people connect to my videos we've got like thousands of views every time we do these videos so it's really exciting over time. So, I just want to reach out and ask you a quick question. What is your number one question that you would want me to answer when it comes to your kids education and their future? Let me say that one more time what is the one question that you have. Type it in below that you have around the college admissions process and that you would want me to answer. I'm going to be doing some incredible Facebook lives around your questions. I want to serve you to make sure you're taken care of. I want to make sure your kid is taken care of. I'm going to be doing some great interviews as well. I just sent in a list, e-mail out to over 50,000 parents on our list. If you haven't signed up at that is very important. We've got incredible e-mail list where I personally write every e-mail by the way to make sure that you're getting the latest and greatest secrets and info. You get this out a whole other game in your inbox which is so fun. Make sure to sign up there because we're doing some great stuff for 2018. We had tons of parents that wanted to interview and be on my college shortcut show. So, I'm really really excited about that. So, what I want to just recap here today is that we talked a lot about how to get into an Ivy League. How is very easy to get in? How it doesn't have to be so challenging? You know I also talked a lot about the importance of starting early in the process. Like I told you and I said in my last video once we hit a hundred families we will be closing down our options to work with us. We get so many calls every day that we're now just going to be putting a voicemail up that just says like "Hey for interested you have to leave a message and we will be getting back to you". So, that is how we work. That is how our focus is. We want to really make sure we serve families that really fit well with us. Kenny, thank you so much for sharing the video. You totally made my day in doing that. I love that! Then the last thing I talked about was that you know my goal is to make sure your life is easier as a parent. You should know early on exactly what you need to do to help your kid achieve their dreams. To me it's very frustrating to watch so many parents mess up. So many parents think they're doing the right thing and they're totally not because they read the wrong information on a website or they read it you know on the internet somewhere or their college counselor said something that like actually wasn't that accurate or maybe it's that they didn't even get their kid the help they needed in their essays. That's a problem you know and then your kid gets rejected and you feel like you haven't done everything you can for that kid. That's really frustrating. To me I feel like getting the right mentor, the right plan, the right strategy and implementing that for your child is so crucial. Now, we're getting a lot of great questions and what I'm going to do is I'm going to definitely cover these in tomorrow's video. Today's videos are about you know what it takes to really get to the Ivy League and how easy it can be. I'm really glad to see some of my family's here on early. I love seeing Ronnie here. I love seeing all of you guys! I love seeing Gladys here, got a sixth grader. Shivalila got a seventh grader. It's very clear that a lot of you know that this process starts early. I will tell you that a lot of seventh and eighth grade parents actually make this mistake in thinking that collecting free information is the way to go for getting into a top college. Even at that early grade time because schools tell you that the process starts like in 11th grade but the truth is the process starts in eighth grade. So, that's what we actually created our family plan. In 2018 we started to see a massive demand in parents needing mentorship in today's world. I'll tell you a little story about myself. I wish I had myself as a mentor when I was a teenager because my parents were from a different country. They didn't really understand me very well. They were doing the best they could to survive and make sure things happen right for the family. It's really important, I realized to find a mentor. So, that's a really big deal. We're getting some great questions here Ronnie's. I definitely cover this in our next video. But check this out, these are great questions. I'm so glad Shivalila asks "What counts most for admissions?" Great question! Ronnie saying "What is the most important criteria apart from grades to get into an Ivy League in the U.S. for computer science?" Awesome question, I'm actually working with an eighth grader. Oh, that's so funny. Okay I love it. She goes my eighth graders deciding wants to do software for Samsung. That is awesome! Do you guys read how clear these goals are. I mean that's fantastic that they've figured out a clear goal and maybe changes later. That's fine, that's okay but the fact that they have some form of passion early on and they're like "Oh I really want to do that." That's great let's get them towards that goal. How do we get them to that goal? It's very easy actually. She of course the second kid gold star, gold start to any mom just to be clear. Like if you have, even if you have one like big deal. Alright big big deal there! You should get a gold star but Ronnie say "I have another fifth grader who wants to do couture fashion." How funny! Because I ended up going to like everyone falls in love with that and at some point. I usually had a little stint in fashion a little bit too so I get that. I think it's really easy to also pursue that passion. Let me show you why it's so important to pursue these things. Now, for everyone that's logging on. I know we've got like a ton of viewers that have been on both of these channels. I'm here today talking about how easy it is to get into Ivy League institutions. I want you to know for my YouTube subscribers please subscribe with this video if you're not a subscriber and you're just watching me. Subscribe! It's going to be awesome and if you are a subscriber or regardless of what you are comment below just type word "Yes in" so I can make sure that I reach out and give you that link. For all my Facebook teams here, on my little Facebook moms that are awesome that are like Rockstar. I put the link in a few times here so you have it. That way you know exactly where to go to sign up. Fill up the three little boxes there. Hit "Yes" and then after that you'll get a calendar invite to speak to my number one account manager. Yeah, no joke on the phone so we can talk about your specific situation. Okay, so like I was saying earlier there's nothing more important than having a strategy and plan. 2018 is your year. It is your year to succeed and it's your year to make sure your family is set up for success. Tomorrow I will be on and I will definitely be answering these questions for my next video. I am so glad you guys asked them and if you have any more please please please please put them in the comments. Make sure to like and love. You're my other half of my heart. Love and share these! Now I'm really excited! It really makes my day if you do these three things at the end. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel at Elite Private Tutors on YouTube and go to and sign up for my newsletter. We do incredible giveaways. We give like all sorts of cool things in that newsletter but I write each one of them and you hear a lot about what's going on like down-and-dirty in the college admissions process because you should know. Alright I see a lot of people joining in on YouTube. I think we've got a younger audience on YouTube because they're saying "Yo" instead of "Yes". We got Noah. We've got Royal. There's so many people on. Nice to see you guys. Nice to meet you as well. I hope you have an incredible incredible day everybody. Welcome welcome to 2018. This is going to be the year of success. I know it for you and for you. Have an incredible day and talk to you soon.

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