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Why Your High School Sucks At Test Prep

College Admissions

Hi Friend,

Everyone hates test prep. Let’s just get real about it.

Most parents I talk with hate scheduling it, but when it comes to sports, don’t mind blocking out time for practices, games and tournaments.


If one of the reasons the child is doing a sport has to do with college admissions, why not focus on the one thing that will completely choose which types of colleges your kid can apply to.

There is nothing I hate more than when parents say, “my child is learning about the SAT or ACT at school and doing it for 30 minutes a week.”

Or, here’s my favorite, “oh, the math teacher is incorporating some of the questions on the SAT/ACT in her classroom.”

Wow, sounds great. I wonder what score the math teacher got on her test. Hmm, maybe an 1150?

Now, I know I riled some of you up with that one, but let me be frank with you.

Do you hire a piano teacher to help your kid learn tennis?


So, don’t expect someone who teaches basic algebra to go over expert test-taking strategies or discuss the exact way a test is structured, when in reality, this teacher has been giving the same tests year after year for her math class.

Tomorrow, I am going to talk about how there are test dates almost EVERY single month of the year, and how you are missing them!


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