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How To Get The Best Resources For Your Kid

The blog post below is a rough transcription of the video above – so please listen to the video if possible – otherwise, here is what was in the video:

Okay great, so you can see my screen here this is my mouse. As you can, see this is our Facebook page and what you're going to want to do is, I've already liked our page, you're going to want to go ahead and click the like button right here. Sorry I'm trying to do two things at once.

This is the page "College Shortcuts". You're going to hit the like button so you like us. You're going to go to follow us.

Now under the following you want to click on "See First" so can you see that, "See First?" What happens next is you're going to see us on your news-feed as we post resources so it doesn't get lost. See First is huge there and the second way you can also reach us is contact us. Survey, let's see I don't know if you can see here but there's a "contact us" or there's a message button right here, where you can literally click to message us, okay?

Definitely send a message to us. I literally make sure that we respond to every message and then also don't forget to check out our website. We just did an amazing website redesign. We've got live webinars all the time for the next few weeks. You want to get in on one of those. We've got courses, of course you can sign up for our blog and so much information about our team.

Let me tell you the most important part. I would love for you to sign up right there for our newsletter. As you can see, you can literally put your name and email whatever you're kid's grade level is. Get a checklist and information and then you're going to be on our newsletter where we give very specific advice around the college process.

Once again Facebook, don't forget to like our page to follow it and see first and to message us anytime you have a question. That would be awesome and then of course make sure to also sign up for our newsletter. I'm telling you someone who really writes incredible newsletters. You should be part of our newsletter list. We talk about things like college counselor vs. the college consultant. We talk about things like the amigos programs. I'm sure you guys saw them, we have an amazing partnership with them. They're so cute and awesome. You know we talk about all the random acts of kindness day. We talk about school selection day. We talk about so many things in our newsletter as well. I just wanted so say "hi".

I know that we did our 7-day challenge so many of you guys were on. Definitely say hi if you're on. I'm seeing a lot of people viewing so say hi. It's so good to see each and every one of you. I just wanted to stop in and say "hello". I've been really busy with a new book launch we've been doing.

I wanted to at least share with you our different ways of reaching out to us. Just you know we respond to every single message that we get. Very excited about the college season it is now officially started. You know so many parents are very focused on the college process right now. It's January February but I wanted to at least just like tell you guys a little secret from Facebook on how to reach out to us with a little blue message button or liking our page or telling your friends to like our page. Tag them in a post and say like this page that would be really nice. Also making sure that you're hitting following at the top and saying "See First."

In that way you'll see all our posts. We're posting videos about acceptance rates. We post about awesome food recipes. We talk about resume stuff. We talk about all the latest and greatest master classes were doing. Our partnerships that are going on. I hope you are having an amazing amazing day. I just wanted to reach out and say "hi". I see a lot of people are on. Definitely say "Hi" since I see you guys on. I'm going to pin this to the top so that everyone sees this on our page and knows how to make sure that they're following us and signing up for our newsletter. That is also where the gold is. If you like our Facebook stuff and you like these videos. My newsletters are so cool. I like love reading them.

Okay well anyways I hope you're having an awesome day. Just wanting to say hi and let you know how to reach out to us.

We are here to help you no matter where your kid is at.

Whether you really need help with test prep.

You need a tutor to Skype.

You need mentorship with our peak performance program.

You want to do one-on-one consulting with me to help your kid get into college this year or next year.

If you need some help with your essays or resume or maybe you want to buy my online courses on

We are here to serve and make your life easier as a parent.

Alright have an awesome day. Just wanted to say "hi", I love you so glad to see each and every one of you.

Please sign up for the newsletter. Hit the following button. Like our page tell two moms today, two moms and dads. Sorry, both parents, whichever, or partners about our page.

I'm telling you it will change their life and that's what we're here for.