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First Ever Groundbreaking Commercial on Coaching For Teens

Hi Friend,

I am super excited to announce my coaching programs for teens today.

I know you have learned a lot about how Dr. Shefali loves our style of working with teens and how important it is to get a team behind you.

As one of the planet’s favorite college consultants I wanted to let you know in on a commercial for why we think coaching is ESSENTIAL for children.

Watch my FAVORITE video about our coaching - it is less than ONE minute!

Watch our commercial on why coaching matters here:

If you are ready to have an expert come in with the technical knowledge that has done in day in and day out – reach out to me. We are ready to get this off your list of things to do. Get your kid the guidance they truly need. Get someone who will watch their progress.

We are ready to give you the result you have always dreamed of for your child.