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Finishing the Semester Strong

Around this time of the year, we all start wishing for winter break. It can be difficult to focus on your studies now when you’re ready to focus on other things. However, working hard to finish out the semester strong will payoff in the end, and you’ll probably save yourself some stress down the road.

Your last year's grades are important. Many schools reserve the right to revoke your acceptance if they see you aren’t performing at the same level you were when you applied. You do not want to take a chance on having your opportunities snatched back, so don’t treat the remainder of senior year as a joke. Trust me, you need all the work-mode practice you can get before you start college.

Another reason you shouldn’t throw in the towel yet is that you’re most likely in AP classes. Even if your AP exam scores don’t count towards your grades, they can count for college credit. Working hard to get a 4 or 5 on that Calculus test now will allow you to spend one less semester in college on math, or just allow you to start at higher-level classes. It is SO worth it to do well on APs, because you can give yourself a lot of wiggle room in your future college schedule to try out new things.

Even if you’re not graduating or taking AP classes, you still don’t get to start vacation early. The classes you’re in now will be a part of the transcripts that will be looked upon by your dream schools in the next few years. Don’t let them be disappointed in what they see! The road to college is a long journey, and sometimes we lose sight of why we’re doing any of this in the first place. But just close your eyes and picture yourself working at your dream job 10 years from now- and think of your fabulous life that comes along with it. Every minute you spend working now is going towards that dream, and one day you will be incredibly glad that you always finished strong.

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