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I Don't Think You Know What I Do...

Hi Friend,

Did you know that the college consulting industry is a $6 billion dollar industry?

Yes, there are parents around the world that pay for this service every single year.

Let me explain what college consulting exactly is… because so many parents are confused what we can do for your student.

It’s like forgetting that you have a concierge at your hotel – a must have for an incredibly tailored experience wherever you travel – you know, getting that reservation at French Laundry in Napa is almost impossible, unless you have that concierge who just knows the right way to squeeze you in.

There’s a reason why so many people spend on this….I mean, if you are going to invest in your child to go to good schools and the end goal of this marathon is a good college degree, then it makes sense to budget for this.

In a nationwide study, the marketing firm Lipan Hearne found that of students who scored in the 70th percentile or higher on the SAT, over 1/4 of those thousands had hired a professional consultant to help with their college search and on average spend close to $18,000 on the college admissions process.

You budget for braces… prom dresses… lacrosse gear… why not make sure to wrap their application with a perfect bow and make sure that you spend on the things that really matter?

Nationally, the ratio of high school guidance counselors to students is about 500 to one. However, in California it’s more like 1,000 to one.

As I said in an earlier email, the system is broken. You have students who are completely capably of getting into an Ivy League, but NO one is guiding them properly to help them create outstanding applications.

No child left behind? Let’s just say the college admissions process is EVERY child left behind. Unless you are the helicopter parent that is bugging the college counselor o a weekly basis, you are NOT getting the information you need.

Let’s also get to the heart of the issue as well. This is the one part that literally keeps me up at night.

Recent studies show that students are vulnerable, anxious, and self-conscious young adults that are getting diagnosed by the thousands with anxiety and depression. Or worse. There is an undeniable correlation between the suicides of Palo Alto high-school students and the intense pressure they feel towards the future.

Debilitating pressure. It’s why I am a mentor for teens around the globe. They tell me things they NEVER tell their parents. Their feelings pour and pour into their essays. They need someone to talk to – and the college admissions process can sometimes be the first time they have a mentor to talk to.

This is an industry that is not just about getting results, even though most people hire consultants to execute a result.

While I absolutely do that, I also operate from a heart-centered place. I remember every child I work with. I think of them as my own.

Listen to this one kid say that “Neha was more excited about me getting in than my parents were..” here.

I can’t help but care. For a long time, I was doing this behind the scenes, but more and more parents have been wanting me to grow my brand and business to show that I can be a mentor to so many children globally.



PS – Tomorrow I will expand on how I am the dirty little secret no mommy talks about.