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Does Your Kid Want to Do Test Prep in Their Jammies at Home?


Curious how your kid can get a perfect SAT, ACT, LSAT, or GMAT in their pajamas at home? I have the solution. Keep reading because it will go away probably by the end of today.


I'm Alex, and I am a test prep ninja. I earned a perfect score on my SAT as a high school junior and started tutoring for The Princeton Review when I entered college. I have been helping people beat these tests ever since. After rising through the ranks to become a Premier Tutor for The Princeton Review, I am excited to add my expertise and experience to the Elite Private Tutors team. Here are my stats:

  • National Merit Scholar
  • Rice University graduate
  • SAT score: 1600 (perfect)
  • ACT score: 36 (perfect)
  • GMAT score: 780 (99th percentile)
  • LSAT score: 176 (99th percentile)
  • 10+ years of professional tutoring experience
  • 2000+ total students of all ages and skill levels

Many tutors teach part-time while going to school or pursuing another career. No offense to those others, but test preparation is my ONLY job. I am the Tom Brady of test prep: it is my full-time job, it is my career, and it is my passion. The same drive that pushed me to perfection on my SAT is what pushes me to be the best test tutor that you can find. Nothing is more fun and rewarding to me than discovering a student's strengths and weaknesses and creating a plan that draws on my experience to give him or her the greatest improvement possible. I have worked with adults and children of all skill levels, but here is a quick snapshot of a few:

  • Mia S. - Very hardworking student near the top of her class who started with an ACT score of 33 (99th percentile) and ended with a perfect score of 36
  • Mike D. - Above-average student-athlete with many commitments outside of school who started with an SAT score of 1540 (54th percentile, old scale) and ended scoring over 2000 (93rd percentile)
  • Nick H. - Adult student with autism who improved on his SAT from a bottom 1% score in order to meet the minimum requirements for his desired education program

The next SATs are May 6th and June 3rd, and the next ACT is June 10th. I currently have room in my schedule to take on 4 to 6 more students prepping for these tests or prepping early for tests in the late summer and fall. Please contact Elite Private Tutors today to reserve me so that I can help your child get the score he or she needs for success in college admissions and beyond!

Please call us at 713-401-2867 right now if you want the best coach ever.Shivers, apprehensiveness, cries for help, anxiety attacks.

The debate between SAT and ACT testing doesn't have to be a big deal.

Curious about how to make the test prep stress-free for you and your child? Read our free guide.

Look, if anyone knows how anxiety-ridden test prep can be, we do. That’s why we’ve done the heavy research for you. Not only did we dig in deep into the World Wide Web and the books, we interviewed a professional who also serves as an advanced math tutor, a Test Masters instructor, a college admissions specialist, a college student and a mom.

This is the perfect time for a quick read. After you read the blog post, check out our coaching sessions and email our Mommy Specialist, Danielle at to sign up for a class today!

We want to wish the best of luck to all students taking the April ACT, and also for you to know that the DEADLINE to register for the May SAT is April 8th. Don’t forget to register.

If you want a customized strategy plan for your child’s test prep, please reach out to us at Elite Private Tutors at 713-401-2867 as we will do the following:

  1. You tell us the date your child is taking the test
  2. We will create a customized plan (25, 35, or 45 hour packages available)
  3. Schedule all appointments out for you either in person (Houston) or Skype with a coach who has scored in the 98th percentile of the test
  4. Don't do this at the last minute. Call us now.



P.S. – I will be going live on FB on April 6th at 12pm CST to talk about the ACT and SAT. Please like our page to get access and TUNE IN!