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Brown Acceptance Rate

College Admissions

Hi everyone! This is Neha Gupta Founder of and We are the world's leading team on helping students getting into college i'm so excited (to be) talking about this one college that i love. Actually I was at my optometrist's office and I went into this retired dentist who's daughter goes to Brown who is such a genius apparently so i'm really excited talk to you little bit about the Brown Acceptance Rate, I just wanted to give you some quick steps so you know Brown has about a 9.3 Acceptance Rate. It is one of the most competitive and they consider it more like the moderately competitive out of all the Ivy Leagues but it's definitely competitive. You know one of the other things to note is that almost nineteen to twenty percent of students that go to Brown were valedictorians yep love being a value touring total marina park here and about 14 percent were salutatorians that get accepted into Brown. So just to keep note that that's kind of a level of academic river and if you're (chosen) isn't falling in that top percentage, Brown might not be the right fit and I'm not here to bust your buckle I'm sure to tell you want to make sure your kid is happy and really can succeed properly because so many times we just assume that you know it's okay twenty eight percent have a perfect ACT yes perfect ACT just you know. That's important to know we're talking about high GPAs high test scores and nothing was the only things they look at the obvious look at the extra curriculars the resume and of course the essay when it comes to the application one of the coolest things just you know I love Brown i remember do thing i remember and it was that was amazing campus but also one of the coolest things about Brown that you may not know about is there connection with (RISD) see what's cool about it is valid brainiacs of Brown and you have all these artist at (RISD) and we're on cool design is one of the top designs schools across the nations what they allow is they allow a lot of cross classes meaning a lot of students of Brown can take classes at (RISD) as someone who was an artist in high school I love to paint I loved dance I really felt like that was such a wonderful program that allowed me to explore my arts even though it's a total academic nerd so that's a little bit about the Brown Acceptance Rate. I just wanted to share with you some stats. It is definitely cold up there so you got to think about weather as well but I just wanted to let you know Brown's an incredible school to look at and I'm so excited that each and everyone of you are looking into it. If you have any questions about the college process, please reach out to me. I love helping! In the College Shortcuts Facebook page, we message everyone back. You can comment below you or call us at 7134012867. I'm Neha Gupta and one of America's top college consultants you can find me at and if you're trying to raise those grades or test prep. Thanks so much bye!

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