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7-Day Challenge - Get Registered

Personal Development

Hi Friend,

This is a month of new beginnings. And it’s also a month where we feel renewed, refreshed, and ready to make this year great.

For this reason, it’s no coincidence that it is also National Mentoring Month!

Hence why Elite Private Tutors and College Shortcuts is launching its 7-DAY DREAM COLLEGE CHALLENGE! REGISTER HERE!

You may be wondering about this challenge, but I have partnered with thousands of schools, parent organizations, and groups that are excited to share this 7 Day Challenge as it is one of the best for any parent out there wanting to help their child succeed.

So, forward this to your friends, and make sure to like our FB page here. This is all part of the mentoring month - as we want to mentor you to helping your kid get into their dream college.

I will be going on FB LIVE for 7 days – to cover the following during this challenge:

How To Be Effective With Your School Counselor

How To Build A College List

How To Figure Out The Major

How To Write The Best College Essays

How To Plan Ahead and Stand Out

How To Pick The Best Extracurricular and Summer Activities

How To Write The Best Resume

So, don't forget to get on Facebook and watch us reporting LIVE to get new tidbits, prizes, and more - and spread the word using #dreamcollege on FB!

From where we stand, it’s taking on a mentor that also gives education that renewed and refreshed feeling, because once you’ve established a relationship with a mentor, your educational career will also have that renewed sense of excitement, security, and confidence!

What exactly will mentorship with Elite Private Tutors do for your child?

Mentoring promotes social and emotional development in students, leading to a slew of benefits including:

  • Improvements in students’ self-perceptions
  • Development of emotional regulation
  • Demonstration of positive relationships with adults
  • Improved self-worth, scholastic competence, and academic ability!

Not to mention the benefits that mentoring has on your child’s peer relationships! When your child develops the security that comes with having a strong mentor relationship, they are able to develop a greater number of strong friends, both in school and at extracurricular activities.

We love this benefit, because peer relationships are just as important to your child’s educational and emotional wellbeing as learning is!

This month, we’re bringing you the opportunity to save big on hiring a mentor to help guide your child through learning. We are proud to announce the launch of our consulting program just for students – a one-on-one opportunity to transform the way your child learns for the rest of their lives!

PS: Don't forget to like our FB page and share this e-mail for ANY mom you know who is struggling with their kid - no matter what age they are. Trust me, I can make their life easier. Isn't that what friends are for? It never hurts to have a mentor for your child.

Yours in Success,

Neha Gupta

College Shortcuts

Elite Private Tutors

(713) 401-2867

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