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5 Quick Memorization Tips

Mastering memorization is key to succeeding in our classes and standardized tests. The more students practice and improve their memorization techniques, more equipped they will be to take on academic challenges thrown at them. Here are 5 tips to hone your memorization skills.

1. Do not cram! This never works when trying to memorize for a test. When you cram the majority of the information is not being stored for long-term memorization.

2. Do no multi task. Realistically you mind can only focus at one thing at a time. Adding more information to memorize makes it more difficult to focus and make overall memorization less possible.

3. Establish a regular memorization and studying schedule. Memorize material little by little throughout the course of a week or month.

4. Organize the material you are learning; categorizing helps with your memorization because it allows your brain to group information

5. SLEEP! Your brain absolutely needs to sleep to function at its full potential, especially in terms of memorization.

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