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4 Reasons to Start Prepping for the ISEE Now

Whether they learn the material in a small group setting or with a private tutor, even the brightest students need to prepare for standardized tests such as the ISEE. If you are still on the fence about whether or not your child needs test prep, consider the following information:

It’s designed to be challenging.

The ISEE is broken into four levels: primary, lower, middle and upper, with different grades pertaining to each level. A fourth-grade child might find the lower level ISEE to be challenging, and rightly so, for that level is administered to both fourth and fifth-grade students. That means the child is likely to come across material he hasn’t even learned yet. Thankfully, your child is only ranked against students of the same grade.

It can only be taken once in six-month period.

Although you can take some tests as often as you’d like, the ISEE is not one of them. If you are not satisfied with your child’s original ISEE score, you will have to wait six months before he or she is able to take the test again. In other words, although admission committees consider other factors such as past grades and interview performance, dismal scores might postpone your child’s dreams of attending School XYZ for an entire semester.

You’re in a competitive environment.

Most students preparing for this exam have previous independent school education, which means they are a bright group of individuals. The bad news is that these incredibly bright students are your child’s competition. This does not mean they know upper-level concepts that your child does not, just that they are going to give you a run for your money.

You want to ensure correct placement.

Like the HSPT, which is reserved for high school admissions, the ISEE is used, in part, to place students in the appropriate classes. You don’t want your child to be bored in a “regular” class or overwhelmed in an honors class, so it is important that the ISEE be a relatively accurate indication of your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

In closing, this post is not meant to intimidate. It is simply meant to encourage parents to get their sons and daughters the test prep they need for what could be a life-altering admissions process. If you don’t know where to start, consider Elite Private Tutors for your ISEE prep needs.

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