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3 Tips For Working in Groups

Group projects can be really fun... or just the opposite! So here are a few tips to make things easier for everyone in the group.

  1. Plan Ahead

Group projects can easily go awry, so come up with a game plan early on and stick to it.  Whether your groups decides to divide and conquer the work, or work together on all parts of the project, make sure the way the work is divided is clear to everyone from day one. If everyone knows their roles in the group, it is their responsibility to follow through.

  1. Know Yourself

Make sure you know your own strengths – and weaknesses, too. Are you super organized? Do you like to be the leader of the group, or do you prefer if others delegate work to you? Are you artistic and creative? Are you better at writing or creating figures? Consider all these features when you first interact with you group, and try to guide your portion of the work based on your strengths. Keep your weaknesses in mind, too. If you tend to be bossy (like me), make sure to remember it is a group project and everyone needs to work together, but you can still guide the group and delegate tasks; if you tend to be super unorganized, try to work with someone in your group who is more organized and follow their lead; if you aren’t confident in your artistic skills, don’t offer to draw the figures!

  1. Help Each Other

Remember it’s a group project and always follow the cardinal rule: when you need help, ask for it. Whether you rely on your peers or you approach a teacher, if you need help on your portion of the project, ask for it. If you see a member of your group struggling, encourage them to ask for help from the group or the teacher as well. If your group dynamic is out of control, it is always ok to ask the teacher for help organize the group, just remember to remain positive and friendly!

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