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3 Strategies on Managing High-Volume Reading

Skill Development

All majors outside of the hard sciences require more reading than will ever be fun to juggle, so how can you take make this extremely time consuming task into part of your every day routine?

I.      Set up a schedule

By organizing when you have classes and when you need to have readings done by, you can prioritize and manage your schedule better from the start. For example, if your Tuesday/Thursday classes are reading heavy, you can dedicate weekend hours for your readings.

II.    Read ahead.

If you find yourself needing to be productive but with little homework that is immediately due, work on readings— you’ll appreciate that you worked ahead when the other homework piles up and you still need to read 100 pages for the next day. Always be aware of the upcoming week’s reading schedule so that when you have a coffee break or get done with homework early you can sneak readings in.

III.  Advanced skimming.

Lets say time is cutting close and you're about to head to class without finishing your readings: take skimming to another more active level and read quickly with a pen in hand and search for keywords that you know are crucial to understanding the thesis. Authors like to highlight and stress the major part of their arguments; these are easier to pick up when you’re looking for them.

Good luck!

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