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How to Get Super Smart Super Fast: 3 Secrets to Everyday Learning

Skill Development

Oftentimes people assume that in order to vastly increase their knowledge they have to do something particularly laborious or tedious. I’m here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. Here are three easy ways to incorporate learning into your everyday life:

  1. Teaching others

I have no doubt that the reason I remember Inca child sacrifice so well is that I spent several minutes teaching it to my boyfriend on the phone several weeks ago. I’m also convinced that the reason I know so many root words is that I quizzed a young man on them multiple times over the past few months in preparation for an upcoming test.

Teaching has a way on reinforcing learned information in the mind for both the instructor and the student in an everyday setting. So the next time someone asks you how something works or what you’re learning in school, don’t shy away from giving her a solid explanation – doing so will help you remember the information later on.

  1. Reading news articles

Every day, every single news agency out there divides their stories into categories: local, world, lifestyle, science, technology, etc. so that you are able to go directly to the news you appreciate the most. I tend to read articles based on my interests in health and science, which are chalk full of research and studies, completely void of corruption and terrorism. By reading the everyday news, not only do you learn about your field of interest, but you also stay informed as to what’s going on in the world at large. For those of you who don’t have time to read, you can always learn what is going on by listening to National Public Radio (NPR) while you’re in the car and on the go.

  1. Talking to a therapist

I started seeing my therapist with the intention of keeping myself sane, yet through our weekly sessions I have learned more than I could have ever dreamed about myself and others. She has been essential in helping me learn why I am the way I am and what drives my everyday behavior. She has helped me to understand the opposing point of view by placing me in a myriad of hypothetical situations. Last but not least, I have learned what normal behavior is and what it’s not.

In fact, of all the types of knowledge I have discussed in this post, this is probably the most important kind. You can’t get by in this world without knowing what makes you tick, or how to relate to other people.

And if you ever get tired of learning in your everyday life, just remember the words of educator Horace Mann:

“Every addition to true knowledge is an addition to human power.”

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