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3 Reasons To Overcome Fear and Speak Up In Class

Skill Development

Oftentimes in class, students do not feel comfortable enough to answer the teacher’s questions or speak up and participate even if they know the answer or have the desire. Fearful of judgment or feeling shy keeps perfectly knowledgeable students from fully engaging themselves in the classroom.

But the benefits of engaging in class far outweigh the cost. More so, once you become comfortable with how to speak up, the more confident and comfortable you will be in all of your classes. I struggled with this throughout my academic career, even in college, but eventually you learn that all the great things that come from engaging in your classes overshadow your fears. So let these three reasons below motivate you to overcome your fears and speak up in your classes.

1. Your teachers will notice and appreciate the effort

Although your peers may snicker or make comments at times, speaking up in class benefits you because you are making an effort and your teacher will notice that. Professors love hearing from students and often give extra points to students who speak up and answer their questions.

2. It keeps you engaged

Speaking up in class helps to keep you awake and engaged in what the teacher is saying, which can be difficult if you are sitting there silent and unaware. Active participation is key to how you process information and new concepts.

3. You will find your own voice

Voicing your opinions, answers, and questions aloud allow you to formulate and organize your thoughts and understanding of the material. You will feel great about yourself and make a good impression on your peers and professors if you get an answer correct or offer interesting ideas.

Making a habit to answer questions and speak up is beneficial in upper level high school courses and college. By focusing on how speaking benefits you as a student, you can get past your fear of judgment from other students and continue to improve yourself.

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