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3 Biggest Mistakes in College Admissions Processes

College Admissions

The blog post below is a rough transcription of the video above – so please listen to the video if possible – otherwise, here is what was in the video:

Hey everyone! It is Neha with College Shortcuts. I hope you're having an incredible incredible day. I just wanted give you a quick update.

It's been absolutely amazing talking with parents. We've been doing these amazing master classes where parents have been getting on and asking their questions.

I want to tell you about the 3 biggest mistakes I keep seeing in the college admissions process right now.

Number one big problem I keep seeing with people joining in our master class or even reaching out to us is that they're not following up.

This is the big issue that we keep seeing over and over where you are interested or you may be looking to take the next step, but then your pausing.

I was talking to a mom yesterday that was kind of fascinating to me. She said to me, I'm going to change her name, let's call her Jenny. I was talking to this mom named Jenny who has a son who is a senior. She said "Neha, I've been trying to prioritize this but we haven't been able to get on the same page teenager to son to mom relationship".

She goes "I've been listening to everything you've been doing and now I'm at the last straw with my kid". I said not to worry, will build you a custom package. It's not a problem. She said "You know Neha, the hardest step to go for a run is to go for the run. To decide to take the first step."

I've been seeing this happen over and over with parents. Where you know they want to do something but then they're like "I don't know."

It's because it's so much easier to sit in indecision and complain about not getting the results you want versus those who get up and go for the run. Once you're on the run, it's actually a really fun experience.

Second thing I keep seeing other than not following up you know trying to take the next step. The second part I say is the biggest issue I keep seeing is "Oh well I've got to ask my kid if they want to do this."

You know, you should have been asking your kid like 4 months in advance. If they've still been stalling at some point it's really not up to them.

You know I've never heard a teenager say "Mom, please I can't wait for test prep" or I can't wait to work on college admission essays.

That rarely ever happens and so this waiting to talk with your kid about what they want to do is a really ineffective strategy. Instead of letting them decide what it is they truly need when you as the parent already know.

You need to get them on that path.

For example, I don’t personally like to run, but the hardest part for me is to get up and go take that step. Once I'm there, it is actually a lot of fun.

That’s why I make sure that everyone that works with us, once you do a session with us, or you experience us in one of our starter packages where you get to just try us for an hour or doing this right now.

If you are interested, comment below. Say starter package and we'd love to help you.

The thing that most people don't realize is that you don't understand your kids' first step is "I don't want to do this." It's always going to be that way no matter who your kid is even if they're an overachiever type.

Asking your kid to me is the second biggest mistake because you are literally asking them to do something they totally don't want to do.

The third biggest mistake I keep seeing is specifically when parents are trying to figure out the next step on their own and they don't know what they're doing.

I was talking to a parent recently that was like "I think my kid asked to take both the SAT and the ACT or I think we'll just start later in the semester for it." I said "Who told you to start all the way April and May? You know that's horrible advice.

I just want you to know there's a lot of mixed opinions. You guys are getting a lot of mixed advice. I think the biggest thing that needs to happen is for you to make sure you have a conversation with me and my team.

I put my email address below in the title of this video right down here. So please go ahead and email me and reach out. Let me know your kid's grade and your phone number so we can definitely find the right solution for you.

Like I told you, we're doing these special starter packages so we would love to get your kid in to make sure that they really are experiencing an incredible mentor or coach in helping them get into the college of their dreams.

I hope these three big blunders I keep seeing every single day as one you know really not following through for your kid thinking you're going to reach out. You reach out and then you don't even follow through. That's the biggest mistake I see over and over.

Number two - thinking you have to have a full-on discussion with your kid when in reality you're the parent and you got to take ownership here.

Number three - the biggest mistake that we see is not just procrastination but getting really bad advice and not really following what you need to be following, which is really getting the right mentor, the right expert, to get you the strategies you need to get into a top college.

I hope you guys are doing amazing. Just wanted to do a quick video. I've been super busy talking to hundreds of parents on the phone. We're literally working down a list of parents. I was really excited, yesterday we were talking with a few parents that were just ready to go. They were excited and we got them started. They were floored at how fast our turnaround time was on getting set up, getting scheduled. They could really breathe and take a break and not have to really stress any more about this decision, because they knew they were in incredible hands.

Like I told you guys over and over, every time you work with us, your kid becomes part of our family. So please make sure to email me below at and then of course you can comment below and let us know what you're surely needing help in. We would love to help serve your family.

Please call us. I'm really excited to see each and every one of you guys on. Say "hello", again this is Neha founder of College Shortcuts. Don’t forget to take action for your kid today, because we all know your to-do list keeps going and going.

The last thing you want is to be that parent that's waiting to the last minute. I get to hear it every single day when parents are breaking down. I don't want you to be that parent, so call me. Email me

Get the competitive edge. I think it's written right here, down here, yes.

Hope to see you soon, bye!

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