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10 Tips To Master Your PowerPoint Presentation

Skill Development

Follow these 10 great tips to successfully nail your PowerPoint Presentation--

1. Write a script.

In each PowerPoint slide you present, it is essential that you know what you are going to be saying. Remember the PowerPoint presentation is an aid for you to get your point across. The presentation is NOT your script.

With your script, craft and practice how you will articulate your message. Your audience will have a clearer understanding of what you are trying to convey.

2. One thing at a time.

Do not overwhelm your viewers with a large amount of information on the slides. This is a good time to thoughtfully use well-timed animations on your PowerPoint presentation.

3. No paragraphs!

Not only is this visually difficult to comprehend but it is not an effective way to communicate your ideas.

4. Pay attention to the presentation design.

You do not want there to be a distracting clash of colors in your PowerPoint presentation – the simpler, the better. Do not let the design of the presentation overpower your message.

5. Think outside the screen.

Your ideas and presented information is the main focus of your presentation; the PowerPoint presentation is merely a visual aid and outline to get your point across.

6. Have a hook.

At the beginning of your presentation, have a hook to get your audience’s attention. Appeal to them by revealing your personal interest in the subject matter or a telling anecdote.

7. Ask questions.

Make your presentation interactive!

8. Modulate your voice.

A monotone voice is the easiest way to lose your audience, so always be aware of your inflection.

Remember every presentation is different, so some tips are more relevant than others at different times. Use your best judgment on when to use these effective tips and techniques for your own presentation.

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